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Occasions Media Group Announces New Annual Distribution Plan for the Celebration Society: Weddings, Magazine


St. Augustine, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2016 -- Occasions Media Group has just announced a new annual distribution plan for The Celebration Society: Weddings, magazine. Starting in 2017 the organization will no longer release tri-annual editions of the magazine, but annual editions instead.

The decision to issue an annual edition was made after the organization performed an extensive analysis of the magazine's target demographic. Editorial Director, Heather Vreeland said, "We've noticed many of our brides are one-time readers because once they use the magazine for its core purpose: to pick their wedding style, find a venue, and hire their vendors, they don't need to purchase future issues. Because of this, we realized we can still help the next newly engaged bride without the increased cost of reprinting magazines with just new style content, when much of the book includes helpful guides that already do not change issue-to-issue. Moving forward our editorial team will be more selective when choosing real weddings and style content that will also stay relevant all year."

With traffic to increasing by almost 50% in 2015, the annual distribution plan will also allow the writers and editorial team to focus on digital products and growing their online marketplace. "We're excited about the growth we've experienced this past year, and the reach of our mission on a digital level hasn't gone unnoticed by our team. We're capitalizing on the power of technology and allocating our efforts appropriately between our platforms that help us further our mission both online and offline," Vreeland said.

The Celebration Society's Weddings magazine will still be considered as a pivotal component of the company's business as it reaches nearly 50,000 brides in the Southeast every year. Not much will change with the magazine, and readers should still expect them to include style pictorials, advice columns, pricing and tipping guides, and, of course, the well-known venue guide special advertising section. "Combining the energy of three publications into one giant 'wedding ideas book' for each year decreases internal costs that will then be passed onto our advertisers, thus decreasing the annual investment a business has to make to be in the issue," Vreeland concluded.

Readers can expect the last two issues of The Celebration Society: Weddings in 2016, to print as they always have. The summer edition will be released in May, and the Fall edition will be released in September. The first annual edition of The Celebration Society: Weddings 2017, will be released in January, and will also be available throughout the year.

Those who would like to advertise in the annual edition may request membership consideration at The Celebration Society's website now. Planners and photographers who wish to submit styled shoots or real weddings to be featured may also do so now at Individuals who have questions about the new distribution plan can reach out to Heather Vreeland at or 770-595-6911.

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