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Ocean Coast Electric Recommends That Businesses Schedule a Tune-Up for Their Generators This Fall


Jamesburg, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2018 -- Ocean Coast Electric is encouraging New Jersey businesses to schedule maintenance for their backup generators this fall. Annual service will help to ensure that their business can keep running no matter the weather.

The risk of a power outage is present during every time of year: thunderstorms, hail storms, hurricanes, high winds, flooding, blizzards. Even when the weather is calm, there is still the risk of a car accident or other event leading to a downed power line.

Businesses cannot take the risk that their generator won't work when their building's power goes out. Without working electricity, many companies will lose products, sales, worker productivity, and possibly even customers. On the other hand, a business with a working generator may receive more business as their unprepared competitors are unable to provide service.

A power outage is usually sudden and unexpected, so it is essential that a business's backup generator is ready to run at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, if a generator is installed and ignored, with no maintenance performed, then it may not provide the service businesses need.

Ocean Coast Electric's commercial electrical contractors in Union County, New Jersey, are the best choice in the region for generator installation, repair, and preventative service. This expert team will catch common issues like an insufficiently charged starting battery, a clogged fuel filter, or an incorrectly set start switch. If the problem is more unusual and requires repair, they will ensure that it is completely fixed. They will also perform preventative maintenance, such as fuel system service and cooling system service, to keep the generator running well for years to come.

When business owners need a commercial electrician near Union County, New Jersey, to service their backup generator, they should call Ocean Coast Electric at 732-338-8732.

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