Ocean Pad Project Wants to Build Affordable Residential Islands


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- Oriam Perez, a US Navy Veteran turned entrepreneur, has brought together a team of engineers, biologists, and ecological experts with the vision to build artificial floating islands. The Project will sell the possibility of independence and the ability to self-sustain while using abundant natural resources. By creating a symbiotic relationship with the eco system, new “island owners” can enjoy a stress-free lifestyle and enjoy the vast beauty of the oceans.

The main goal for their Indiegogo campaign is to fund the building of the mold that would allow the project to pour the first Pads. This necessary step will test engineering limitations of the Pad structure and develop detailed repair procedures for all future owners. The process will take six months to one year to complete, after which they can start full production of these Pads for both residential and commercial clients.

This project is one of a kind, it offers the necessary structures and systems to be offshore independent and self-sufficient, while being completely eco-symbiotic.

The Pad is a building block for many uses including but not limited to green energy production, eco-friendly agriculture and livestock farming, in addition to residential/commercial real estate applications.

The project’s main goal is to bring an affordable alternative to high-priced oceanside real estate. Their products would allow individuals to enjoy their own private island for less than $150,000. These Pad clusters can be outfitted with optional self-sustaining systems to be completely off the grid.

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Ocean Pad Project would prefer to be funded by people like YOU, not corporations or government entities. Join us in this new wave of Real Estate!