Odesk Scam Review Launches New Site to Combat Massive Uptick in Scams

oDesk Scams Do Exist


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- There are scam artists in every realm of the world, oDesk is no different. There are a lot different odesk scams out there, most of these will pay a percentage of a job up front and not pay the rest when a project has been completed. Some odesk scam artists will have a great job listing and contact individuals to complete offers before training begins. These offers will have absolutely nothing to do with the job description. Some clients may ask for personal contact information such as a personal email address or phone number trying to phish for information.

Our odesk review; One of the most creative oDesk scams has been to ask for samples of one’s work and the client ends up publishing it as their own. If a random invitation to interview for a position is received and it has nothing to do with the credentials listed, it is likely a phishing scam. This is one of the easiest oDesk scam tactics to spot.

One of the best ways to prevent anyone from getting wrapped up in an oDesk scam is to do extensive research before committing to a contract ask; is odesk safe? If a client is new and hasn’t paid anyone stay clear of them. If their payment method is not verified, do not work with them. A verified payment method if working hourly provides 100% certainty that the project will be paid for. Another tip is to: Read client reviews before accepting work. If someone was not paid or felt that they were part of an oDesk scam it will be stated it honestly in their review. Even researching a client before accepting a contract still may not keep clear of a potential scam. Some of these clients are very good at making themselves look legitimate. If any uncertainty remains about a client, contract or other information obtained do not accept a contract and contact oDesk for reassurance.

Why everyone should Love Odesk! Only someone who has spent years on odesk can give odesk real review. ODesk does a great job in its pursuit to protect its users. Their policy is simple: fixed rate contracts do not have a guarantee payment unfortunately this is where scams occur; there is little that can be done to force payment on fixed rate project. ODesk always suggests working for hourly wages since their website tracks hours and requires the client to pay. They act quickly when alerted about a possible oDesk scam or other type of problem. Their team will completely investigate any claim that a contractor has made regarding a possible oDesk scam. They do not take lightly to clients attempting to scam their contractors. It is a wonderful community to be a part of and oDesk strives to keep it the safest environment they possibly can. Odesk works very hard to screen their potential clients to the best of their ability; but some clients are so good at scamming people that they even beat oDesk’s process.

Just Remember to always do research even if one minor detail is off in their contact information, website, job description or transmissions. Contact oDesk so that they can investigate it. Don’t get involved with any client that is not 100% verified with good reviews. Safety is important while using oDesk and it is partly everyone’s responsibility to help protect the odesk community.

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