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ODUWA Protects Cryptocurrency Investors with Insurance Volatility & Asset Protection Solutions


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2018 -- The interest of investors in cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high right now. As more people start to consider cryptocurrency investments as a lucrative opportunity to make money there are also many who are put-off by the pitfalls of investing in Cryptocurrency. Issues like high uncertainty and cryptocurrency volatility are preventing investors to take the leap, however, things are starting to change! ODUWA is a revolutionary platform where investments on approved coins inside their Exchange will be 100% Insured against Depreciation, protecting investors against some of the risks. Lots of worthless coins are out on the market, ODUWA will approve only four reliable cryptocurrencies against volatility at the beginning and continue to add more as the platform expands.

The financial experts behind ODUWA understand investors' concerns that investing in Cryptocurrency is an enterprise with high risk considering its digital nature that is always prone to hackers, the volatility and high uncertainty within the coin market. ODUWA aims to counter these problems through an intelligent solution, which involves selecting coins to insure, keeping a proportional reserve to invested amount, and automated Smart Contracts!

It is easy to see the appeal of cryptocurrency investment, amazingly, in 2017, the Cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin went from $830 to $19,300 and now lingers around $11,000, clearly, there is money to be made. The pull of achieving financial freedom when an ICO portfolio skyrockets has investors worldwide salivating but there are really risks involved, risks big enough to hold investors back.

ODUWA is basically a decentralized exchange platform like Coinbase, Bittrex HitBtc with an option for asset protection within the exchange for investors on a contractual term using our smart contract. This is revolutionary!

"With a revolutionary solution like ODUWA's, you have no risk of losing money with absolute protection in the face value of your principle investment. Our solution will play a major role in stabilizing the market and creating a new trust economy. Once you purchase your ODUWA tokens they become immediately available upon purchase, deployed through Etheruem." The spokesperson for ODUWA commented

After the platform was successfully funded, the development began, and it is now expected to be live and go on the exchange in May 2018. To celebrate the launch, ODUWA tokens are currently available only for 21 cents a token and will be tradeable in secondary market known as the exchanges, for those who can buy now for $50,000.00 dollars and above, their tokens will be delivered now at .15 cents each.

ODUWA is a decentralized blockchain organic wealth building community, an exchange platform with asset protection options designed with full security, absolute decentralization, with a focus on protecting investors' money. Their ICO is available for purchase and will tradeable on secondary marketing for liquidity in May 2018.

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