Of Innovation, Invention and Aspirations: The Story of Edward De Valle

It is a common belief that being born with a silver spoon is the best luxury in the world. Not to deny the naysayers saying it isn’t, but every story is different. Just like each person! The story of Edward de Valle is not that inspiring of Forrest Gump’s or Jay Gatsby’s, but like every historical account its story can be used for some for inspiration. AMG Worldwide owner and CEO, Edward de Valle will fit in perfect as the protagonist for the story of his life and the inspiration.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- So how did he do it? Firstly, what did he do? What inspired and motivated a man born into a family of accomplished business tycoons and politically influenced people to make a sail for his boat that took beatings of different waves?

Edward de Valle was born on 21st of April, 1975 to Edward de Valle Sr. and Maria Christina Noya. Born into the real estate and building business, his father would want the best education for his son. Enrolling his son in Coral Gables Senior High in Miami, Edward de Valle was an accomplished student who achieved wonders in studies and extra-curricular activities. Many of his teachers still remember him and were fond of his intellectual prowess, his kindness, and his empathy towards other students. Having graduated his school with flying colors it was hard on his part to decide something for a profession. It would have been a wise choice nevertheless to have ended up in taking over the family business and having helped his father in his endeavors.

However, Edward felt that he should pursue a degree in Business Management and soon he was off seeking a different professional stream altogether. Edward left behind his family’s business and the dreams of being the family heir. After his graduation, Edward de Valle had by then figured out what would be his life’s pursuit, being a major leader media. That is why he later pursued to get his Master’s Degree in Business Professional Management.

About Edward de Valle
Edward de Valle found his start with GE; where he managed GE systems Latin America and proved to be one of the most contributing of the task force who had emphatic media skill and reasoning that would take the company to a new high. Moving on from there, he would work with IPG, a publishing house, well known for having licensed Newsweek, Vogue, Glamour, Discover and Men’s Fitness.

Today, after almost a decade Edward has won numerous awards and accolades to his name for helping his company function and flourish gloriously and have a clientele of some big business masters like the Trump Group, Safilo, and the Ferretti Group. The AMGW AGENCY works with the philosophy and vision of providing real-life market ideas to its clients. Edward de Valle also owns Toy Box Luxury Rentals in Florida, which has many branches worldwide.

In 2001, Edward de Valle would go on and lay the foundation for his long standing ambition by bringing to life his wish of owning and founding a fulltime digital marketing, media placement and PR firm called AMG Worldwide.