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Of Parenting and Technology – eKAVACH Revamps Its Digital Parenting Platform


Dehli, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Certus Technologies, the company behind eKAVACH, India most advanced digital parenting application, has recently ramped up its Digital Parenting blogging platform about internet and child safety. Apart from the in house content team, eKAVACH has now engaged a group of emerging parent bloggers to educate parents for embracing suitable technological means and educate children about responsible behavior in their digital journey. The aim of eKAVACH parenting platform is to help parents to overcome the digital divide between offline parents and their digital natives. The blog's mission is to provide framework for parents in describing and clarifying digital world issues which revolves around parental controls, internet safety, safe browsing, cyber bullying, internet and gaming addiction and provide parents with latest news, views and articles which can help them be more informed and connected digital parents.

KAVACH in Indian language means a shield. eKAVACH is an initiative to make parenting in a technology driven world a more engaging and proactive experience, so that the children have a secure yet unstinted journey through the digital world. The active blog provides deep insight into child safety concerns and encounters in virtual environments and devices that children take for granted. With seemingly endless range of cyber-threats like cyber bullying , online grooming , internet addiction and pornography looming on the horizon, the blogging platform aims to engage parents and children to grow into thoughtful, collaborative, and savvy digital citizens . The blog also covers the latest trends and technologies around online child safety issues, parental guidance software, personal experiences from users, as well as expert advices from renowned specialists in the field of parenting.

The company would like to empower parents by providing impartial information, trustworthy parental guidance, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of technology as an encouraging force for the digital natives of today. The company was inspired to start this blog in response to the implausible amount of dialogues they had with parents around the complexity and challenges they were having as far as digital parenting was concerned with issues such as internet safety, cyber bullying, screen time addiction etc. Keeping pace with technology as being one of the greatest challenges parents face today.

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Noopur Raghunath, a mom turned entrepreneur and founder of Certus Technologies said "This is our sincere effort to provide all parents a common platform to talk about digital parenting and child safety in the digital world – their experiences and challenges, their own approach towards their child when it comes to technology and their own predicaments. We want this platform to capture, harvest and disseminate the collective experience of all parents so that we all can learn, share and be better and smarter parents in the digital era. We have received great response and feedback since the launch of our blog and we're very delighted to welcome parents all over the world to become a part of our mission for safe and secure virtual environment surrounding us. We want to be the undisputed authority in the space of parental control and digital parenting in the near future"

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