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Of Seeds, Trees & Cuts: Reaping the Benefits of Seed Tree Cutting Technique

Seed tree cutting offers innumerable benefits to Atlanta as a known “city of forest”.


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Atlanta, known for its reputation as the “city in a forest”, has tree- abundance topography, which makes it unique among other major cities. Thirty- six percent of the Atlanta is covered by trees and this is what Atlanta’s greatest natural resources are.

With the high percent tree cover of the city, the possibility of tree removal has a greater chance of occurrence. However, there are some appropriate techniques to execute in tree removal. One is seed tree cutting.

Seed tree cutting is one of those kinds that is consistently viewed by many foresters as a sustainable forestry practice. Through this harvesting method, an even aged forest in Atlanta will be produced. However, there must be criteria (which are based on the characteristics of the tree like wind firmness, mortality rate and rate of tree growth, to name a few) in choosing a seed tree.

But what does seed tree cutting do more?

Through seed tree cutting, establishment of a more uniform crop draws benefits of uniformity and even- aged management of the parameter.

Given that it is the simplest method to perform, seed tree cutting allows for easier and efficient operations because it is the simplest method to use. This process has lower cost most especially for forestry activities such as planning, layout, supervision, harvesting, site preparation and other intermediate treatments. Also, it may be less expensive for harvesting because of the higher hectare removal.

Seed tree cutting is also designed for amelioration of site through site preparation which allows it to easily accommodate highly specialized equipment intended for harvesting and site preparation. Moreover, it avoids damage to regeneration since felling and extraction are done before the establishment.

It is also a great help in controlling insects and other disease problems. Also, it is capable of root rots-clear cut and of stumps removal. Seed tree cutting can also be used for dwarf mistletoes and mountain pine beetle for removing overhead infection sources and susceptible strands.

Most importantly, it draws free growing plantation when combined with plantation forestry techniques and fast- growing shade- intolerant species and assures more safe working environment because most, if not all trees, are removed.

Atlanta would be better known for taking good care of seeds, trees and of cuts, other than as the “city in the forest” if they will just adapt the seed- tree cutting method.

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