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Off Days and How to Battle Them


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- Everyone has days where a workout is the last thing on their mind, or on their to-do list. It could be cold outside, or a person could be feeling a little under the weather, or it’s just simply been a long day at work and rest may be more beneficial. While missing more than two days of a routine when working to build a habit can be disastrous, one way to motivate oneself on these days is referred to by Nerd Fitness blogger Steve as “The Braveheart Technique.”

Considering the movie, Steve describes the scene in which William Wallace and his makeshift army are dressed for battle on a field, waiting to hear on the outcome from negotiations with their English enemies. Rather than wait less than desirable terms that are sure to come, Wallace “picks a fight” and the battle commences.

How can this strategy be applied on days when a person doesn’t feel the urge to hit the gym? Several ways Steve advises. One method was to go ahead and complain about not wanting to exercise, but only while getting dressed to do so. He says once dressed the mind can often switch focuses to an “All dressed up so I might as well go” mentality.

The second method is to show up on the work out field. How to do this? He suggests telling the mind little lies. Only stay for the warm-up if it’s that tiring. Only do one set. Just get in the car and drive there. Once there, it’s more than likely the person will stay to the finish rather than getting back in and going home without a “fight.”

Another suggestion for those trying to build a routine of working out in the morning, he suggests going to sleep in workout clothes. They’re already dressed upon waking and therefore one step is eliminated completely.

Off days are common and acceptable, but finding a way to work through them is key for success.

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