Offences Against Alternative Subculture Members to Be Classified as Hate Crime


Frankfort, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Two people were arrested by police in Manchester after the assault of a sixteen year old emo. This was the first arrest ever made in the UK for a crime classified as act of hate against an alternative subculture follower. Staff at the Grover Arnett law office read last week that the police force were going to class assaults made on people from subcultures such as punks and Goths in the same way that they currently class assaults on people of various sexual orientations, religions and races.

The victim, who considers himself an emo – a subculture centring around rock music, which emerged about ten years ago – was assaulted on the 8th of April in the town centre of Aston. He was walking along the street with a friend at approximately 6:30pm, when he was approached by two people, one of whom punched him in the face. This attack occurred just days after the announcement had been made by the police. His friend, aged fourteen, was also attacked. Speaking to a news reporter, the teenager explained that no-one has the right to physically assault someone, based on their appearance, and that he was delighted to hear that such attacks would now be classified as hate crimes.

A teenager and a middle-aged man, both of whom are from the local area, were arrested by the police. They were then bailed until their next court appearance, in one month’s time. Members of the local police force are now examining the footage take from the CCTV cameras in the area where the attack took place. Grover Arnett Salyersville clients listened to the statement by Garry Shewan, the Assistant Chief Constable, in which he said that whilst it was extremely unfortunate that this incident occurred, the fact that this type of attack can now be classified correctly, as a hate crime, is a step in the right direction for the legal system.

Grover Arnett quotes the constable as saying that he hopes this change will encourage those who have been victims of a hate crime like this, to come forward, so that the police can take action against the attackers. The victims are also to receive more support from the police force; however, unlike assaults caused by racial discrimination, the attackers involved in this kind of hate crime will not receive a longer sentence, as in order for this to occur, a legislative change would have to be proposed.

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