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BVA Scientific Enlarges Their Inventory to Include Supplies for Oilfield Companies

As the crude oil industry expands, BVA Scientific stocks hard-to-find oilfield equipment, including gauging and trucking supplies


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- BVA Scientific is ever expanding their online catalog of premium laboratory supplies and equipment. Now, as they observe the growth of the crude oil industry, they are offering new products for the oilfield. The supply company is already known for offering the finest in chemistry supplies, and they are extending their scientific supply expertise to the oilfield industry.

Oilfield companies can order hard-to-find midstream oilfield supplies from the lab supply distribution company’s website. Included in BVA Scientific’s catalog are ASTM hydrometers, which help in determining the density of oil. Other products newly offered by BVA Scientific are centrifuge tubes and oil thieves. They deliver premium thermometers, including a durable pocket thermometer and a woodback tank gauging thermometer. Oilfield businesses can purchase a gauging tray to organize all of their new gauging equipment.

BVA Scientific offers quick and reliable service to its customers. Most customers can expect to receive their rare oilfield supplies within less than a week of ordering. Customers in Texas can expect 1- to 2-day delivery, and those in nearby states such as Oklahoma can expect 2-day delivery while states a little further away, such as North Dakota, can expect 4-day delivery.

The premium lab supply company, BVA Scientific, delivers top microbiology supplies, chemistry supplies, food safety supplies, and now oilfield supplies. They likewise stock premium laboratory equipment. Their services extend beyond their large stock of established products. They also provide consultation. and personal attention to their customers, helping laboratories and businesses to continue running efficiently.

About BVA Scientific
The extensive distributor of scientific laboratory supplies and equipment, BVA Scientific was founded in 1989 in San Antonio, Texas. The company holds over 100 years of knowledge and experience in the laboratory supply industry. They are specialists in distributing supplies and equipment for the microbiology, environmental, and food safety fields. They deliver their premium products throughout the continental United States. To view BVA Scientific’s newly offered oilfield supplies, visit