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Offering the New Dura Mag Wafer-Style Through the Avanti Company

The Avanti Company is now carrying the recently announced McCrometer® wafer-style Dura Mag, the latest evolution of the company’s Dura Mag electromagnetic flow meter.


Avon Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2020 -- Aimed at agricultural customers, the Dura Mag wafer style supports 2" and 3" line sizes and is ideal for uses involving drip irrigation, surface water, as well as other agricultural flows. The wafer-style Dura Mag offers many similar advantages as the larger line sizes, including the UltraLiner fusion-bonded epoxy which reduces the risk of delamination or cracking, a 5-year full meter battery warranty and extraordinary long-term durability.

The wafer-style Dura Mag ensures accurate readings within ┬▒1 percent thanks to the carbon steel body, the stainless steel electrodes, and its durable design. Collectively, these design elements allow it to resist the corrosive effects of heat, rust, or strong chemicals. As it operates on batteries, it does not need cables or external connections. The Dura Mag also has a built-in internal datalogger, capable of holding as much as five years of data.

For more information on the McCrometer® wafer-style Dura Mag, please call The Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or email

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