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Offersushi a Sushi Catering Company Provide in Home Catering Services in Boston Massachusetts


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- For those who are searching for home catering services for their next event, Offersushi provides a unique take on meals for at-home celebrations. Offersushi is a professional catering company that proves sushi treats and meals for all types of home catering needs. With experience in all type of catering, from business luncheons to bat and bar mitzvahs, holiday events and more, Offersushi provides a tasty alternative to the standard catering fare in the Boston area.

From birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, holiday events and more, Offersushi provides the right catering service to fit the budget of the customer while providing tasty, delicious sushi. The experience in working with all types of home catering services for different celebrations is a hallmark of Offersushi. The professional staff, the attention to details and the high quality service is what has helped Offersushi establish their reputation in the Boston area.

By offering both traditional and unique choices in sushi, provides a complete experience for Boston patrons who want to enjoy catering services for their home. Offersushi includes many different types of treats that can make celebrations at home an unforgettable experience. In addition to the traditional servings of sushi, Offersushi provides these types of sushi rolls as part of their overall menu choices.

- Avocado & Asparagus
- California
- Dragon
- Philadelphia
- Spicy Heaven Tuna

In addition, Offersushi also has their famous Boston Red Sox rolls that have garnered much attention in the region. Offersushi insures that each of the rolls prepared for their catering services is done professionally and with an eye towards creating the perfect event that is catered to the home.

Offersushi is led by Chef Ryan who built his experience on being a sushi chef for seafood restaurants for years before guiding Offersushi to where it is today. Offersushi has over five years of service in the Boston area providing home catering services for all types of events as well as business, corporate and other types of functions as well.

One of the most interesting and desired of the catering services for the home provided by Offersushi is having Chef Ryan actually teach how to create sushi in the professional manner. Chef Ryan and his staff have taught hundreds of people how to make sushi by showing them professional, time honored techniques that really bring out the flavor. This makes for an excellent home experience and a great party idea as guests will learn how to prepare sushi and eat the creations that are made.

About Offersushi
Offersushi provides home catering services to the entire Boston area including the North and South Shore districts. In addition, the surrounding suburbs of Boston are available for Offersushi catering service as well.

For those looking at have delicious sushi prepared for their home catering services, from birthday parties to anniversaries to any type of celebration where guests are invited to share in the joy, Offersushi provides excellent services, professional sushi preparation and delicious meal choices at prices that fit the budget.

To learn more about Offersushi, please contact:

Ryan Pellumbi, Head Chef at Offersushi
Boston, Massachuttes, 02110
Phone: 508-450-9063