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Offersushi Quickly Acts as Wedding Catering in Boston City


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- For those who are getting married, Offersushi provides excellent wedding catering Boston services. This unique type of catering provides excellent, tasty sushi for the bride, groom and guests at the reception. Offersushi is considered one of the best sushi catering services in the Boston area.

Sushi-themed events are a unique catering choice that is becoming more popular in the Boston area thanks to Offersushi. By offering a wide variety of sushi choices, Offersushi can please the tastes of many different people at wedding receptions, seminars, events and even for residents in their homes. What follows is just a short sampling of what Offersushi offers for their catering menu besides traditionally prepared Japanese-style sushi.

- Avocado & Asparagus Roll
- California Roll
- Dragon Roll
- Philadelphia Roll
- Red Sox Roll, perfect for the Boston area
- Spicy Heaven Tuna Roll

Led by Chef Ryan, the wedding catering Boston services focus on creating a menu filled with tasty, delicious sushi that can be enjoyed by all. The traditional choices are augmented by the updated, modern versions that reflect the tastes of Boston area residents. This is one reason why Offersushi has become one of the leading sushi catering services in the region.

In addition to providing excellent wedding catering services, also provides classes on how to properly and professional prepare sushi in the home. Using basic ingredients as well as the special spices and touches that Chef Ryan excels, people from all walks of life can learn how to create their own unique style and flavor of sushi under the guidance of a professional sushi chef. When completing the courses, a student will fully understand how to create and prepare excellent sushi meals all on their own.

Chef Ryan gained his experience while working in seafood restaurants as a sushi chef for several years. He took his unique knowledge and experience and created in Offersushi and one-of-a-kind catering service that has been a big hit with businesses and individuals in the area. Places such as the Pine Brook Golf Club, Nashawtuc Country Club and Wallaston Golf Club just to name a few have enjoyed excellent catered meals from Offersushi. not only provides excellent wedding catering services, they also provide catering the year round for all types of events. From birthday parties, holiday celebrations, business luncheons or special event, Offersushi has catered them all. By providing excellent sushi choices, a celebrated customer service staff and special attention to the needs of their clients, Offersushi is quickly becoming the choice for Boston residents when it comes to catering their events.

For wedding catering Boston services that cannot be matched, Offersushi provides an excellent, festive setting that attractively displays the sushi where the guests can enjoy all of their favorites and discover new ones as well. The prices for the wedding catering service are designed to fit the budget while providing an excellent meal that friends and family will love. For more information about catering for weddings or any event, please go to for more details.

To learn more about Offersushi, please contact:

Ryan Pellumbi, Head Chef at Offersushi
Boston, Massachuttes, 02110
Phone: 508-450-9063