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Office Privacy Panel Supplier OBEX Reports a 64% Increase in Sales

Offices are re-thinking the open-plan paradigm after experiencing decreased productivity, leading to a huge upswing in sales for OBEX, a supplier of high quality privacy panels for offices.


San Marcos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- OBEX P.E. Inc published its impressive Q2 Earnings Report today showing sales growth of 64% year over year. The New Yorker and Washington Post have recently reported that the trend toward open office spaces has reversed due to concerns over poor employee productivity and lack of individual privacy. This has created a rapidly growing market for the office privacy panels produced by OBEX.

Office architecture has changed dramatically in the last decade, with many companies opting for open-plan office spaces. The resulting effect on employee happiness, productivity and privacy has been decidedly mixed. While open plans work well in some circumstances, employee surveys and studies run by major news organizations including the Washington Post, The New Yorker and The New York Times have shown productivity tends to fall due to increased distractions. This causes workers undue stress and many turn to working from home to avoid the problems when meeting deadlines.

In response many companies are now looking for solutions to update their open office plans. Redoing an entire office can be expensive but adding privacy screens to existing office furniture is an effective solution at a much lower cost than a full office redesign. It is no coincidence OBEX has seen a 64% surge in sales for their modular, portable privacy screens, which offer a quick and effective solution to the distraction problem by allowing people to create a temporary or permanent private space around their work area.

OBEX P.E. Inc, provides privacy panels that can be mounted on tables, desks or cubicles, which can solve the problem with current open office plans in an affordable and modular way.

The products have been designed to be affordable, simple and durable. They help offices that have elected to take on a modern open plan orientation to create islands of privacy where individuals can tune out and focus on their productivity. The initial results for businesses adopting the panels have been very positive.

Mark Canavarro, President of OBEX explained, "Distraction is a constant threat to productivity, but open plan offices do help prevent the silo effect and encourage individuals to work together. This creates a problem for workers, who earnestly want to do their best but are not always able to in the open office environment. These panels, with their simple hardware and easy installation, give employers and employees the best of both worlds. We believe this is why the product is proving so popular, and we look forward to providing our solution to businesses all over the country."

About OBEX
OBEX privacy screens increase productivity and efficiency in your work space by providing increased privacy without the need to purchase additional office furniture. OBEX currently offers 3 products: Cubicle panel extensions, Desk & Table Mounted screens and Modesty Panels with several other products in production and scheduled for release in late 2015. All panels come in multiple widths, sizes, colors and materials for full customization to match existing office furniture. For more information please visit: http://www.panelextenders.com/