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Offices Show Rise in Use of Eco-Friendly Printing, New Study by Shows

A recent study by tech blog indicates that eco-friendly business printing is on the rise in offices all over the country. The message of saving the environment by cutting back on energy use is already gaining a foothold in corporate America as businesses small and large are switching to energy-saving office equipment and production processes.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- Tech blog recently released results of a study about how business printing in the average American office is becoming more and more eco-friendly by the day. Businesses now realize that eco-friendly equipment and process save costs just as much as they save the environment, so they are in a race to adopt ‘green’ eco-friendly machines, production equipment, production processes and other facilities.

Energy-saving devices and equipment regulate their use of energy by sensing periods of low or no activity and reducing power consumption accordingly. Printing equipment manufacturers are also producing devices that contain eco-friendly components which sense idle states and can lower energy consumption as required.

Many respondents to the survey claimed to have office equipment such as printers used for large format printing, vinyl banners printing, flyer printing, poster printing and other corporate printing services that regulate energy use by automatically switching off when idle and also self-managing printing jobs depending on volume and priority to save ink use.

“The use of eco-friendly printing equipment in offices not only saves the environment, but the cost of business operations as well. When devices regulate their energy use, it results in a lower electric bill at the end of the day. Further, eco-friendly ink cartridges and toners can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life to generate returns for the business. From a health perspective, using organic solvents and printing inks can reduce toxic health risks,” says a study collaborator.

‘Green’ business practices are clearly taking center-stage and more than ever the office is becoming predominantly eco-friendly.

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