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Official Reseller of COPA, Offers Retro Football Shirts and Football Jackets


Assen, Drenthe -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- After success in Europe, Retro Football Store will now offer famous retro football shirts and jackets to a larger audience via their newly launched site The company is an official reseller of the popular retro brand COPA and also provides rare vintage football shirts. The company has been commended by many for having one of the largest inventories of retro football shirts and jackets, and for its high quality products.

The media representative of Retro Football Store Mr. Veenstra, quoted on their establishment, “Retro Football Store was initially started by football enthusiasts who wanted to combine their interest with a business. The most challenging task was to find out which retro football shirts were in highest demand. This required a lot of research and many history books on football were scanned to identify the exceptional years in which countries excelled in various football tournaments. After we knew which football shirts and football jackets we required we decided to tie-up with the leading retro football brand COPA. Now we are providing COPA branded retro football shirts and jackets of highest quality. We have gained immense support in Europe and we feel that we are ready to further expand and offer our exceptional products.”

The company informed that football shirts like Holland 1974, Italy 1982, Algeria 1982, China 1982, Brazil 1970 and many more have had huge sales. The company added that each football shirt has historical football significance for a particular nation and is often demanded by many football fans. Many football shirts of previous countries such as Soviet Union (CCCP), Yugoslavia and East Germany are also highly demanded, stated Retro Football Store.

Retro Football Store also provides “My First Football Shirt” collection by COPA, which are football shirts designed for babies. These baby football shirts are made from a softer material and have gained quite popularity amongst parents.

Mr. Veenstra further quoted on the company’s expansion plans, “We are providing shipping to any part of the world. We are currently providing the products that have gained success previously. However we are always on a lookout for more additions to our inventory. Our priority at Retro Football Store is to offer high-quality retro football shirts and jackets throughout the world and create a pleasing experience for our customers.”

About Retro Football Store
Retro Football Store is one of the leading companies in providing retro football shirts and jackets. The company is the official reseller of retro brand COPA football. Through their online platform,, the various products offered by the company can be viewed. The company is known for its extensive inventory of retro and vintage shirts and for offering the rarest vintage shirts in the market.

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