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Offix Solutions Channels Worldwide Business to U.S.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Miami, Florida - Many businesses these days operate out of a variety of international locations. The marketplace has become truly global, with people operating worldwide companies that span different countries and even continents. However, one drawback to international business may be the lack of a United States "anchor" site that builds confidence in the company and offers American customers a place to call, email or visit with issues related to the business. Offix Solutions channels worldwide business to the U.S. market by offering unique solutions to these problems, such as the service of a virtual office in Miami, Florida.

Virtual offices in Miami are operated by Offix Solutions for companies that have no physical address. This could be an American company that is operated solely online or an international company looking for a U.S. anchor location. A virtual office in Florida can help these companies attract and keep United States business. A list of all services offered by Offix Solutions is located on their website at

Virtual office service can include a variety of services such as live answering services in both English and Spanish. Most American business can be conducted in these two languages, and virtual receptionist services is a great way to boost company traffic. Email routing, mail handling and conference space is also available. For more information on the services provided by Offix Solutions, the company's website at is a good place to visit.

By choosing the virtual receptionist services, phone re-routing, United States physical address, mail delivery and conference space of Offix Solutions, customers with international businesses are able to operate their companies out of the United States easily. Not only does a physical U.S. address and phone number provide convenience for the company's operations, it also builds confidence in the company and may increase traffic flow in this important market.

About Offix Solutions
Offix Solutions is a company dedicated to providing the best virtual office solutions for companies all over the world. With mail routing, email handling and phone reception service as well as physical office space and conference areas, Offix Solutions is prepared to handle any company's virtual office needs.

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