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Offset Smokers, Vertical Smokers, Backyard BBQ Smoker Pits, Barbecue Grills, and Fire Pits Deliver Authentic Texas BBQ Flavor

Texas BBQ smokers including offset smokers, vertical smokers, and BBQ Pits from Texas Original Pits are crafted by Texas artisans. High-quality BBQ Smoker Pits, BBQ Wood, and Fire Pits are enjoyed by beginners and pitmasters alike.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2020 -- Smoker Pits from Texas Original Pits are crafted in Houston with the finest of materials and attention to every detail. From backyard enthusiasts to competition award winners, everyone who loves to barbecue knows that an even temperature across the "low and slow" cook is a requirement and that method of cooking needs a closed lid chamber, which could be a BBQ pit or an offset smoker. Heat tends to leak from poorly constructed pits, particularly through any gaps where moving parts don't connect fully, seams, bolts, or fasteners. That's why all the hand-forged BBQ pits from Texas Original Pits are fully welded and later undergo a 21 point quality inspection before being shipped. Maximizing heat retention, minimizing wood consumption, maintaining an even cooking temperature, and finding the perfect design to make operation as practical as possible during the cook and afterward during the cleanup drive the team in Houston to combine their experience and passion for cooking Texas-style BBQ in creating a range of products to fit any space and be durable enough to look great and perform well over many years.

Offset smokers and vertical offset smokers are versatile in that they can be used to cook meats with indirect heat in the main chamber or direct heat over the fire. Smoking meat typically requires low and steady heat, typically somewhere between 100° and 130° Celsius. Before adding a favoring wood it is important to get a strong fire burning in the firebox off to the side of the main chamber. This is usually started with charcoal or kindling, then a good flow of oxygen will feed the flames as they build into a more intense fire. Closing the firebox door at this point will allow the temperature to rise. Once the fire is burning clean, the flue will stop pouring white smoke. Now is the time to add the BBQ wood. The range of woods on sale from Texas Original Pits has something for everyone, from oak and pecan cooking woods which are the favorite choice in Central Texas to one of the hottest burning woods which produces lots of smoke, mesquite, which delivers a strong flavor popular in West Texas, ideal for most red and dark meats.

Cooking with mesquite delivers a bold flavor punch so beginners often opt for a more delicate wood like apple as they develop their skills. Meats smoked with applewood are milder in flavor with a sweet and not surprisingly fruity taste, and the food benefits from a longer smoke time to absorb the subtle flavor profile. In experimenting with flavors and cooking methods, many opt to use a blend of woods. Cherry is another mild wood that pairs well alongside applewood as a flavoring fuel. Buying cooking woods in a larger weight generally passes on cost savings and from 50lb boxes through to 1/2 pallet and full pallet sizes, the woods must be dry and properly seasoned before use.

Offset smokers and vertical smokers can be customized by choosing a size, lid types, reverse flow design, and several upgrades that can be bundled together for overall savings as part of the 'fully loaded' package. Alongside the bbq smokers at Texas Original Pits, smoker grill models are also sold. The steel wagon wheels, heavy-duty grates, and classic Texas grill design ensure a rugged appearance and quality performance.

About Texas Original Pits
Based in Houston, Texas Original Pits is a manufacturing company known for their trusted Texas Barbecue Grills, BBQ Smokers for sale, and Fire Pits. Since 2007 their goal has been to create well-made, hand-built, BBQ Pits. Combining their experience and passion for cooking Texas-style BBQ with manufacturing experience from the oil and gas industry, they have developed a predictable and repeatable construction method using only the highest quality materials. The products are equally suited to the needs of competition BBQ and backyard enthusiasts. No compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of the Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. Popular products include Texas meat smokers like their Luling offset smokers, Vertical smokers, Pearsall smokers, Spindletop fire pits, Corsicana grills, Ranger Camper grills, BBQ wood, otherwise known as cooking wood, and the Texas hog roaster and grill. Ordering online via the website is an easy process and there are selections to be made for sizes and lid types. The most popular accessories can be bundled together as part of the 'fully loaded' upgrade package, saving money compared to buying each accessory separately.

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