Texas Original BBQ Pits

Offset Smokers, Vertical Smokers, BBQ Smoker Pits, and Barbecue Grills Deliver Authentic Texas BBQ Flavor with Blue Ribbon Results

Offset smokers and BBQ Pits are hand-forged by artisans. High-quality BBQ Smoker Pits, BBQ Grills, and Fire Pits are sturdy and durable


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2021 -- Smoker Pits, barbecue grills and fire pits can be found in many stores at a wide range of price points. Often, the models for sale which initially seem the best value can be sold at a lower price point because there are short cuts in the manufacturing process and compromises in the materials used. Ultimately, the results for a BBQ enthusiast are disappointing flavors, uneven and unpredictable cooks, and a product that has to be replaced sooner than expected. When the team at Texas Original Pits saw a lull in their reel and spool manufacturing base, they had a resource pool of skilled and dedicated Texas artisans and the equipment they needed to diversify into a new field. A combined and undeniable passion for Texas BBQ and a can-do attitude to create products that would delight new clients and be a source of pride was the answer. Providing high-quality and affordable BBQ pit models, offset smokers, vertical offset smokers, barbecue accessories, grills, and BBQ wood, the team applied their craftsmanship along with the finest of materials to create a range of products that are suitable for beginners all the way to pitmasters and the competition circuit.

Pits are built with new 1/4" steel pipe and 3/16" plate. All of the doors, vents, and hinges are precision crafted to seal perfectly. A bbq pit from Texas Original Pits is expected to last upwards of twenty years, delivering consistent results. The fully welded construction negates the uneven temperature spikes and heat loss which can be seen in inferior models from competitors that cut corners by using bolts or fasteners and thinner metals. In addition to crafting the smokers, grills, and fire pits, which can be tailored and customized within the checkout process, the team is on hand to answer questions and guide enthusiasts through the decision making process. A popular option is to upgrade to the "fully loaded" version of smokers for sale, they take several of the possible upgrade features which can be selected and then bundle and save to give the maximum value for money. Features that could be included in the "fully loaded" upgrade could include an extra temperature gauge, a charcoal grate for the cooking chamber, a second level full slide-out cook grating, a chrome temperature probe port, and a grease pail to collect the grease during cooking and make clean-up easier. Features like stay cool spring handles, steel wagon wheels which make moving the smoker easier, a standard temperature gauge, a 2" grease drain, and a contoured ash clean-out tool are likely to be included in the standard package. Further details can be found on the website. Attention is paid to not only the functionality of the smokers, grills, and pits as they cook but also the ease of maintaining and managing the product. Rugged construction pairs with elements of design which make maneuvering and cleaning the equipment simpler and more convenient.

Each Offset smoker and the range of vertical smokers can be customized by choosing a size, lid types, reverse flow design and several upgrades that can be bundled together for overall savings as part of the 'fully loaded' package. Alongside the bbq smokers at Texas Original Pits, smoker grill models are also sold. The steel wagon wheels, heavy-duty grates, and classic Texas grill design ensure a rugged appearance and quality performance.

About Texas Original Pits
Based in Houston, Texas Original Pits is a manufacturing company known for their trusted Texas Barbecue Grills, BBQ Smokers for sale, and Fire Pits. Since 2007 their goal has been to create well-made, hand-built, BBQ Pits. Combining their experience and passion for cooking Texas-style BBQ with manufacturing experience from the oil and gas industry, they have developed a predictable and repeatable construction method using only the highest quality materials. The products are equally suited to the needs of competition BBQ and backyard enthusiasts.

No compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of the Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. Popular products include Texas meat smokers like their Luling offset smokers, Vertical smokers, Pearsall smokers, Spindletop fire pits, Corsicana grills, Ranger Camper grills, BBQ wood, otherwise known as cooking wood, and the Texas hog roaster and grill. Ordering online via the website is an easy process and there are selections to be made for sizes and lid types. The most popular accessories can be bundled together as part of the 'fully loaded' upgrade package, saving money compared to buying each accessory separately.

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