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Belize, located in the heart of Central America, is popular for offering international financial services and offshore banking.


Belize City, Belize -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- Belize, located in the heart of Central America, is popular for offering international financial services and offshore banking. Belize has become a major player in the ranks of the top offshore jurisdictions. It is considered to be one of the most popular tax-free haven countries and is perfect for individuals, or businesses, to set up any type of tax planning in Belize or international investments. Belize, as a small developing country, has enacted International Business Companies Act, International Trust Act and International Foundation Act throughout the years. These laws successfully attracted many high net worth individuals and corporations worldwide to come to Belize and set up International Business Companies, International for confidentiality, tax planning, and trading and asset protection purpose.

Similar to Belize, number of offshore companies is being formed in Singapore and is rising with every passing year. It is expected that more than 5000 foreign entrepreneurs are about to incorporate an offshore company in Singapore. Prime reason for this is that, Singapore has the second lowest corporate tax rate in entire Asia. However, what really attracts offshore companies to Singapore is the territorial system of taxation followed in the country, whereby any foreign sourced income is completely tax free as long as that income has not been deemed remitted to Singapore.

Apart from Belize and Singapore, Mauritius is also known as one of the best African countries for banking and business opportunities. Mauritius has been ranked for three consecutive years as the first country by the World Bank Doing Business Report for ease of doing business in Africa. The reason lies in the exponential growth of the economy, no foreign exchange control and the facilities provided when it comes to setting up an offshore company there for doing business outside of Mauritius. Several big and small companies establish offshore companies in Mauritius to invest or hold assets in different projects around the world and utilize their Mauritius bank account to transfer their funds worldwide without any foreign exchange control constraint.

Another vital destination for business is Hong Kong. Known for an optimal jurisdiction for many businesses, Hong Kong is a popular jurisdiction with international entrepreneurs looking to penetrate Chinese markets. More and more people have established their own companies in Hong Kong with different purposes, which improve not only the image of the company itself, but also the competitive ability in the international market. As Hong Kong is now considered as an international center of information exchange and transportation hub and has a very low tax rate, many people opt for company formation in Hong Kong.

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