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O.G Clothing Revolution Begins


Walthamstow, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- The brand focus of O.G clothing this season is mainly pushing the masterpiece of “I am Revolutionary” and Killuminati brand. The brand promotes the authenticity of the individual human spirit of being free and self-thinking. The clothing line is nearly reaching its pinnacle at the eve of 2014 where the change will hit the fashion world with a zest of political stance on knowing the truth whilst looking great.

While many brands have jumped onto the Christmas Makeover bandwagon, O.G Clothing has taken another route, beginning their Killuminati & Revolutionary marketing campaign. The campaign is focused on the Killuminati and Revolutionary clothing designs, full of Videos & Bold in your face Visuals.

O.G.Clothing has received support in the past from many successful Music Artists such as Immortal Technique, Coolio, Mike GLC, Stylo G, Dappy (N-Dubz) and many more. So it will be exciting to see what this campaign has in store for us.

Recently completing their scheduled update of their website , the radical brand are now working with music artists, designers and other creative individuals to bring you a clear message “relinquish the bondage of control, free your soul”.

O.G.Clothing said “It’s time for a change, it’s time a brand made clothing for the people not to strengthen the programming of the elites”.

The Brand also announced an update to its blog which covers diverse topics ranging from Urban Fashion to controversial subjects such as JFK’s assasination.

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