Oganro Limited Launches Limited Time Special Web Designing Offer to Small and Medium Hotels


Colombo, Sri Lanka -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- Oganro Limited, a Colombo based website designer, is launching a limited time special offer for small and medium hotels that seek to gain a competitive advantage in the booming Sri Lankan hotel and tourism sector.

The basis for the special offer is for hotel and catering businesses to take advantage of the recent boom in the tourism and hospitality sector. With the recent increase in the number of both domestic and local visitors, it is only appropriate that a company take full advantage of the technologies available in order to boost their customer numbers.

The 21st century has brought with it a wealth of information and new technology that constantly change the way businesses interact and transact with their clients. One successful way in which businesses have taken advantage is by the establishment of an online presence. Rarely can one find a serious business without an established web page, and this extends also to small and medium enterprises. With many of the current generation of clients choosing to engage with businesses through online means, it only makes sense for a small company to seize the opportunity to make a name for itself.

This is what Oganro Limited offers to develop and establish for its clientele; a fully functional Content Management System (CMS) web solution, complete with sufficient web hosting capabilities. In addition to letting small and medium hoteliers and caterers manage the content they wish to let potential customers know, Oganro Limited also affords the clients a fully functioning online booking engine, round the clock technical and customer support, free emails, and a host of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to help those websites rank higher in searches.

What Oganro Limited offers is a chance for small and medium enterprises in the hotel industry a way to compete with the name brands in the industry. By leveraging the now ubiquitous web technology, a small-sized catering business can reach a growing number of online users, and use this platform to make a name for itself. Of course, simply talking about what the business can offer is half the battle, the enterprise has to also back up the talk with concrete service delivery. However, for any hotel business seeking to gain an advantage over its competitors, it is worth the try to have a fully established CMS website and online booking solution.

As one of the designers at Oganro Limited puts it, “It is imperative that small hoteliers go online and make their presence felt, particularly given the recent boom in the hotel and tourism industry in Sri Lanka.” Starting at an affordable price of LKR 50,000 for the full range of web design and hosting solution, a small hotelier cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Oganro Limited is a website design company located in Colombo that specializes in website designing for hotels, bed and breakfast hotels (B&B’s), and self-catering proprietors across the country and worldwide. Oganro Limited brings with it a wealth of experience and knowledge in the web design and development industry that has helped it achieve regional recognition in the same. With this wealth of experience, Oganro Limited has been able to work with some of the top hotels in the sector, and aim to bring this experience with willing customers. Their experiences enable them to understand your web design much better, and you can be assured of a top notch online hotel booking system that caters to your specific needs.

For additional information, please contact Nipuna Abeyratna at +94 (0)11 523 8525. Or visit our website http://oganro.com/hotel-website-design

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