Ogigz.Com Offers Good Money for Good Gigs

oGigz.com is an online medium where talented professionals and others alike


Pymble, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Yet another Fiverr clone arrives, known as oGigz.com. The website, recently launched by Matthew Rankin, is for people who are willing to offer their services and talents and get paid for their work. oGigz is basically a free and simple platform, where sellers can offer services for a price and buyers can take up on the offer if they are interested. First timers and freelancers can use the website to sell their services for a price ranging from $5 to $200 per gig.  The website claims this is what sets them apart from other Fiverr clones as they only charge 15% as opposed to the 20% norm for sellers.

According to the owner, everyone is good at something and they can make money from what they are good at. Says Matthew Rankin when referring to his brainchild, “You can create a gig for absolutely anything (as long as it's legal) from video testimonials to programming, translation or even coaching”. The website allows sellers to create any number of gigs for free and post them. However, they are required to deliver quality services on time. This garners positive ratings for the seller, eventually increasing demand for his/her services. 

Buyers can register for a free account in the website and then search for the gigs they require. Once a buyer makes a purchase from a seller, the seller starts works on the job and delivers the gig after completion. Sellers either get paid through Paypal or receive credits in their oGigz accounts. The website ranks sellers for their work. The higher the rank, the more money they can earn.

The value of gigs goes up with each level of sellers. Level 1 sellers starting with $5 for Level 1 sellers, which can go up to $200 for those of level 3. oGigz charges only 15% of the profit for gigs priced between $10 and $200, and 20% for the $5 and $7.50 gigs.

More information can be obtained from their official website ogigz.com. Ogigz is also on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/ogigz and facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ogigzcom.  The owner of the website said, “All gigs created will be auto posted to our Twitter and Facebook accounts for greater exposure.”

About oGigz
Gigz.com is an online medium where talented professionals and others alike, can offer their services for a good price which buyers can take up based on the rates and quality. If the sellers are good at what they are doing, they can earn decent money. At the same time, buyers can find the services they are looking for, at reasonable prices and good quality.