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Ohio Spray Foam Insulation Company Now Retrofitting Attics with Durable Insulation


Dalton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- Those who need a quality material for insulating their attic will find that spray foam is one of the best options there is. It is incredibly important to make sure that this area of the house is properly insulated for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is a common source of air infiltration which is a problem that can run up energy bills and make any house more uncomfortable to live in. Spray foam is a material that is specifically designed to go in small cracks and places that other types of insulation simply cannot.

While it is true that spray foam is excellent at preventing air infiltration, it also has a very high R-value and even adds structural support to the homes it is installed in. Those who are going to have any part of their home insulated, including the attic, will definitely want to choose a material that will be able to stand the test of time. Spray foam insulation has been proven to last longer than any other kind and also acts as a sound barrier, reducing the amount of noise bleed through for a quitter home.

The fact is that a vast majority of attics are not designed for energy efficiency and a lot of heat is lost as a result. Because heat rises and most attics are not made to keep it trapped inside, an insulated or poorly insulated attic can mean high energy bills, especially in the colder months. Those who live in an area that experienced extremely low temperatures will need to make certain that their attic is properly insulated so as to minimize air infiltration and energy loss through this area of the home.

Those who have spray foam installed in their attic will also be able to avoid problems like mold and mildew which can cost a lot of money to remove. Spray foam helps to reduce the amount of moisture in the areas it is installed in, and that is the primary cause of mold. No homeowner wants to deal with these kinds of problems, which is why it is important to consider hiring the professionals at Spray Foam Solutions, which is one of the best companies for spray on foam insulation in Medina OH. The team of experts that makes up this particular company have been installing spray foam for years and know exactly what they are doing.

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Spray Foam Solutions is a foam insulation provider in Ohio and W. Pennsylvania for both commercial and residential needs. The team of insulation contractors develops superior foam insulation that is optimal for any structure and offers greater benefits than any other insulation. No compromise, no shortcuts – Spray Foam Solutions provides high quality service and foam insulation in Ohio and surrounding areas.

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