OHLA Proposal Will Restrict Esthetician Laser Usage


Panama, Panama NA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- A temporary emergency rule will be proposed by Oregon Health Licensing Agency that prohibits lasers usage by estheticians for procedures other than hair reduction. A Spokesman for the state agency said that they do not closely monitor cosmetic laser usage, although they are in charge of licensing estheticians and cosmetology facilities.

The new rule would include changes such as restricting laser treatments from being performed by estheticians without the supervision of physicians. It will also mean that estheticians will be required to let their customers know that the procedure is not within their usual practice. The changes will be proposed by OHLA on 14th October to the Cosmetology Board.

If accepted, the new rule could remain active for as long as 180 days. That time will be used by the state agencies to come up with a permanent rule and to hold a number of public hearings to discuss the issue.

Understandably a number of well-trained estheticians who are experienced in skin care laser treatments, feel that they are being blamed unfairly and that the state may be ruining their livelihood. Many believe that the focus should instead be on the hiring of unqualified laser technicians by business owners.

According to the state, one problem is that lasers are in somewhat of a grey area when it comes to state regulation, meaning that there is no clear definition in regards to how they can be used by estheticians. Legally estheticians are not permitted to perform medical procedures, and one goal is to clarify exactly what a medical laser skin service is and what is a beauty treatment.

Some medical practitioners claim that they are regularly seeing laser related injuries. In the last two years alone there has been 17 complaints involving laser injuries like swelling and burns submitted to the Oregon Health Licensing Agency.

The first laser work group consisting of other state agencies such as the Oregon Medical Board (who oversee physicians) has been assembled by the OHLA. The work group also included bodies such as the Oregon Board of Nursing, Oregon Medical Board, Oregon Board of Cosmetology, Oregon Board of Pharmacy, Oregon Board of Dentistry, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Agency and the Oregon Health Authority – Radiation Protection Services.

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