OiGoi.com Discusses Things Guys Should Not Do After Sex

Sex is a tiring pleasure, but that’s still no excuse for the man to move to his side of the bed and fall asleep while the lady feels left out, alone, and perhaps a bit used.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 -- Regardless of a man’s performance during lovemaking, his reckless behavior afterward could not only destroy the impact of all his right moves during sex, but could also kill the chances of any future lovemaking sessions. This may be particularly harmful if the guy is looking for a long-term relationship with his partner. In its bid to instill a sense of prudence in men regarding after-sex behavior, OiGoi.com, a leading portal for love, intimacy, relationship, and sex issues, talks about Things Guys should Not Do After sex.

Sex is a tiring pleasure, but that’s still no excuse for the man to move to his side of the bed and fall asleep while the lady feels left out, alone, and perhaps a bit used. Remember, it was equally arduous for her, too, but women love to cuddle and talk after sex, and there is no harm in relaxing in each other’s embrace and indulging in some romantic conversation for a while. Aside from this, turning on the TV immediately after sex at the cost of intimate fondling moments, may discourage the partner from giving her best the next time.

Similarly, if a man checks his cell phone right away, it will not only make the woman feel neglected but also depicts a poor picture of how the man prioritizes her in his life. Questions like ‘how was it?’ only shows the man’s eagerness to pamper his ego. Instead, his efforts should be focused on discovering what the lady likes in bed and surprising her the next time so there is no need to ask for feedback. Women generally take more time to reach orgasm so a man can either strive to help her achieve it during actual intercourse or by practicing other proven methods.

Another very common mistake is the instant hygiene call, which is prominently positioned among the Things Guys should Not Do After sex as a representative from OiGoi.com mentions, “Some people have this attitude to immediately go clean up or take a shower after sex. It is surely a good habit to maintain good hygiene, but what if your partner is not ready to let you go? Your partner may find this habit of yours really awkward or weird, you always running to the bathroom right after sex.

So, next time kindly let your shower wait till your lady is ready to send you off.” Leaving right away for work or any other chore after lovemaking is not a gaffe but should come under the bad habit category that every man should avoid in the interest of future sexual activity and the relationship. Even if it is for 10 minutes he should spend that time cuddling and talking instead of heading for the door.

Taking OiGoi.com’s list of 7 things to Avoid after Sex into consideration can help men avoid the activities that might prove to be a deal-breaker in the long run.

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