OiGoi.com Offers Advice on How to Keep Money Problems from Ruining Your Sex Life

This press release is to inform readers that OiGoi.com offers advice on how to keep money problems from ruining your sex life.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- OiGoi.com is a website dedicated to relationships, love, and couple intimacy. They offer advice on couple’s most intimate problems - romance, sexuality, and desire, and the role each of them play in a loving, healthy relationship. Unfortunately, with the state of the economy today, many relationships are running into money problem ruins sex life. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon, and is happening to more and more couples. People get laid off, get fired, become disabled and can’t work; money problems are a big issue for most every couple today. In their quest to help nurture healthy relationships, OiGoi.com offers 7 ways to stop money problems.

One of the representatives of OiGoi.com commented, “When finances slump, its likely your sex drive will, too. We recommend following these 7 ways to stop money problems to stop money problem ruins sex life. The first is to look at sex as a vacation from your money problems. Intimacy breaks the cycle of negativity, no matter what the cause. The second is to cut expenses mutually, don’t just look toward your partner to sacrifice; you need to sacrifice, too. The third is to enjoy a (free) walk in the park or some other free activity, and talk about the good times you’ve had together, and the good things you share as a couple. The fourth is to go for a jog with your partner. Sweat it out! It’s good for the libido and raises your endorphins, bringing you even closer. The fifth is to maintain sexual intimacy. If you’re worried about money problem ruins sex life, than take the bull by the horns, and increase your level of intimacy. The sixth of 7 ways to stop money problems is to maintain open communication with your partner. A mental distance will only result in resentment, and zero sex. And lastly, be loyal to your partner. Hardships are a part of life, and loyalty will only increase the quality of your sexual relationship.”

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