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Oil and Gas Manufacturing Finds Champion in Kincer from Pinnacle Strategies

Oil and Gas Manufacturing Finds Champion in Kincer from Pinnacle Strategies


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- Ed Kincer is a Pinnacle Strategies Project Leader and has extensive global operational experience leading clients to breakthrough improvements. Kincer is well-known for his ability to achieve rapid bottom-line results by quickly identifying and focusing on bottleneck operations, then leading local cross-functional teams to implement Lean and Six-Sigma strategies. Recent accomplishments include:

- Reducing engineering lead time of a major oil & gas client by 54%
- Increasing manufacturing capacity of oil gate valves by 60% without adding machines or people at an oil & gas supplier
- Helping Pinnacle to deliver $700 million in savings to BP during the clean-up of the disastrous oil Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Kincer has been part of the Pinnacle Strategies team since 2010 and now develops and deploys continuous improvement activity globally. He is responsible for developing Pinnacle Strategies’ RABIT (Rapid Analysis and Bottleneck Improvement Team) process, and assisted in early development of its ViewPoint solution aimed at rapidly improving project execution. As part of every RABIT, he implements Performance Management techniques that indicate the real-time status of a system, and focus leadership to implement meaningful improvement.

Prior to joining Pinnacle Strategies, Kincer worked for General Motors. He spent his last 20 years with GM as an internal consultant, deployed around the world to quickly solve chronic manufacturing, support, and business throughput problems. He was awarded the GM Chairman’s honor for leading a Brazilian engine plant team to increase engine throughput to meet the growing demand for small 4 cylinder engines, thus increasing vehicle sales revenue by $1.1 Billion US.

Extensive experience in product engineering, quality, reliability, purchasing, material control, and manufacturing give Kincer a deep understanding of systems thinking and interdependencies. He is an expert at improving not only manufacturing systems but also support and business systems. As such, he routinely uses Value Stream Mapping to understand the physical flow as well as the communication flow of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing systems to identify wastes and implement improvement plans.

Kincer’s education includes a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Masters of Manufacturing from Kettering University (formerly GMI), and extensive Theory of Constraints (ToC) training at the Goldratt Institute.

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