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OilyOily Set to Become the Single Resource for Information on Oils and Their Home Uses


Brigantine, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Oils are not just essential in their capacity to fuel the transportation that created globalisation- they are also involved in the manufacture of foods, plastics, cosmetics, and even make a massage better. The many uses for the many kinds of oil in the world may seem like a niche topic, but anyone who wishes to know anything about oils can find what they’re looking for at OilyOily, a new website dedicated to showing how oils can create a natural health and harmony as well as a delicious salad.

The website takes the form of a blog with an unusual number of categories all pertaining to the use of oils, from natural living and health and wellness to beauty and DIY. Each of these categories contains a plethora of posts from lists, how to’s and high quality original editorials on the subjects like weight loss, kids nutrition, home maintenance and the uses of essential oils.

One of their recent articles is about coconut oil benefits. After initial dismissal due to its high concentration of saturated fat, the substance has recently undergone a re-evaluation among the scientific community and has been discovered to have many benefits and even more applications.

A spokesperson for OilyOily explained, “Eugene and Nastassia started the site after immigrating to the US and discovering that the heavily synthesised ingredients in commercial products reacted badly with their constitutions and negatively on their health, so they decided to find a way to try and live naturally without processed foods. The unusual result of this process was that they discovered many ways in which naturally occurring oils could play a key role in this, and have since begun to catalogue how people can use them for incredible results.”

About Oily Oily
OilyOily is a new site created by a young couple who discovered the astonishing variety of applications for oils in their daily lives, and set about becoming the authority on advice and guidance for the use of cooking, supplement and essential oils for common and unusual purposes. The site breaks down its content into many sub categories which can be browsed individually. For more information, please visit: http://oilyoily.com/