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OIS Announces Economical Small Company Sales Force Automation Software

“Orders In Seconds”, Inc (OIS) has announced the release of their next generation sales force automation mobile software for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Melville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Orders In Seconds, Inc is announcing the release of OIS immobile, which is the next generation software for sales force automation, van sales, store calls, merchandising and in-store audits for iPhone, iPad and Android. Oscar Guerrero, President of OIS said, “this is great news for small or medium size companies with an outside sales force because now they can use an affordable and leading enterprise-wide mobile solution that previously only large corporations could afford.” The company developed the product because they realized that “Off the Shelf” applications were not good enough or too expensive for most of their clients. Consequently, the company began to think outside the box to come up with an innovative and cost effective solution.

OIS provides a single integrated software solution covering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the latest Wireless Solution to keep real-time communication with the outside sales force. Any company with outside sales force that needs to share data and to keep communications in real-time with the main office; regardless if it could be customer orders, invoices, truck/van sales, store surveys or being able to send global messages to the sales team can benefit from the application. The mobile revolution of affordable smart phones, tablet pc’s, mobile printers, portable barcode scanners and along with OIS mobile solution software are the perfect tools for companies with an outside sales force.

As of today, OIS provides an affordable mobile solution that is helping companies increase their sales and reduce labor cost during these tough economic and market challenged times. The OIS iMobile software integrates with OIS Central (OIS web-based back office), MAS, Sage Pro, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Dynacom and any other software application with open database connectivity. OIS offers a free 30-day trial to ensure that the software is a good fit for specific company environments.

Here are what a few customers have to say about the use of the product:

“Investing in the OIS Solution and iPad technology for our retail and van teams has been by far the best investment I could make to ensure to that my business is well structured for the future. It has given us and our clients a significant competitive edge in the retail marketplace and will save us so much in time and money” “This new technology has given our client partners real time up to the minute data and information and as well as saved our company tremendous amounts of money in call time in store, while helping us keep track of all our merchandisers.”-- EA Berg & Sons, Inc. - David Berg (President)

“The OIS iMobile solution for our merchandising staff has been a hit with both our customers and our principals. After seeing the valuable data that is collected and the actionable reports that area available monthly, numerous principals have recommended our system to their broker’s in other markets. We have also successfully gotten distributions after reviewing out of stock reports with customers. OIS also gave us the best store credit system and accounting in the deli department in the market. All information by store is transmitted to accounts only one day after the month end and principals get a recap and all detail at the same time eliminating accruals and guesswork of this important and widely varying expense. The implementation was seamless and we only had to run parallel systems for a month period.”-- B&A Food Brokers - Kevin Czesak (Vice-President)

“Works well, I’ve been using this app for my small business and it’s really lived up to the positive reviews. It’s nice to have a tool I can use for both my iPad and iPhone. Will keep using.”-- William Myers

“Quick and clean, like an app should be! This app has a very easy to learn interface. It’s not cluttered like some others I’ve tried. The application makes it very easy to invoice my customers while; the sales team is on the run. It’s a big time saver!”-- – By QPChris

To learn more about the OIS solution for small to medium size company sales force automation, please click on this link now: http://www.ordersinseconds.com/

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