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OKC Chiropractor Helps Patients Restore Health After Car Accidents


Edmond, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Car wrecks can be fairly small and seemingly insignificant accidents that there may not be any pain. It can sometimes take months or even years for the signs of pain to develop for a person. These can start as slight pain and eventually become life crippling or excruciating pain that makes simple everyday tasks impossible. The key is to have the body examined following any auto accident.

This does not mean an auto accident will prove to be crippling for all people, but the small price of a checkup by a chiropractor is worth all the time and money. Dr. Rondall Cornwell is a  chiropractor in OKC  and helps numerous patients following the trauma of a car accident. With simple examinations, he can detect whether a person has experienced misalignment or any damage to the body.

Sometimes, if there isn't any issue caused by the wreck, a check up can help detect other problems as well. Once a person visits Dr. Cornwell, they are able have x-rays taken and some people end up surprised at how misaligned their back, neck and joints are from even the smallest of car injuries (or any injury for that matter). The reason why it is important to get it diagnosed is so that they can help work on a natural treatment to get them back in alignment versus expensive surgeries and pain medication that can cause even additional issues in the long term.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of a chiropractor visit, especially after a car accident. Since injuries are common because of the force incurred during a wreck, insurance companies are more likely to provide reimbursement for a chiropractic evaluation up front rather than later when you experience worsening pain. This is yet another reason to visit the chiropractor sooner than later after a car accident.

Dr. Cornwell specializes in treatments that actually fix and adjust the whole body rather than throwing a few prescriptions of medicine at a patient. Many doctors may just prescribe medication and never actually fix the problem. Dr. Cornwell is dedicated to therapy treatments, natural remedies and complete, wholesome treatment that will help a patient return to normal, or better.

At  Cornwell Clinic  in Edmond, OK, Dr. Cornwell accepts new patients and conducts preliminary examinations to tailor treatment options according to what a person needs.

About Dr. Rondall Cornwell
Dr. Rondall Cornwell is a licensed chiropractor in Edmond, OK, serving the Oklahoma City metro. He combines his expertise with specialized treatment for every patient. Whether it’s a simple adjustment or cold laser therapy, Dr. Cornwell can relieve any body. With the latest treatments and approaches, Dr. Cornwell and his staff bring life to everyone who walks through the door.

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