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Oklahoma City Chiropractor Helps Patients Recover After Automobile Accidents


Edmond, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Those who have been involved in a car accident will find that visiting a chiropractor can be highly beneficial. There are a number of different injuries that one can sustain after being in this type of accident, and sometimes the pain is not felt for 1-2 days afterwards. A skilled chiropractor is able to detect damage to the neck and spine and provide any necessary treatment to correct problems that show up on an XRAY. If you are looking for the best Edmond chiropractor to see after your accident, you will certainly want to at least consider going to Cornwell Clinic.

Cornwell Clinic consists of a skilled and experienced chiropractor, including Rondall Cornwell, who is very good when it comes to helping those who have sustained minor or serious injuries as the result of a car accident. Whether it is a misaligned spine or a case of whiplash, it is extremely important to see someone who specializes in treating these types of injuries. Sometimes all it takes to correct damage caused by this type of an accident is an adjustment, but there are many other methods that can be used as well.

Spinal manipulation can be extremely effective when it comes to restoring join mobility and thousands of people who have visited the Cornwell Clinic have benefited from these services. There is no telling what the extent of the damage to your spine is after being in a car accident until XRAYS are taken and an experienced chiropractor performs a thorough evaluation. If you are feeling any pain or discomfort after your car accident, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment to visit this clinic as soon as possible.

Although it may not seem like you have sustained any injuries from your accident, sometimes evidence of damage to the spine does not show up for days or even weeks afterwards. Many people who get into car accidents are in a physical state of shock which can last a long time, masking serious injuries which can cause many different complications. Cornwell Clinic has a team of very skilled and experienced chiropractic physicians who have helped countless people by using a variety of methods that can effectively restore mobility and reduce discomfort. Car accidents, even minor ones, can cause severe spinal injuries, which need to be treated by professionals who know what they are doing as soon as possible.

About Dr. Rondall Cornwell
Dr. Rondall Cornwell is a licensed chiropractor in Edmond, OK, serving the Oklahoma City metro. He combines his expertise with specialized treatment for every patient. Whether it’s a simple adjustment or cold laser therapy, Dr. Cornwell can relieve any body. With the latest treatments and approaches, Dr. Cornwell and his staff bring life to everyone who walks through the door.

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