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Oklahoma City Workers Comp Attorneys Help Employees with Common Injuries of 2013


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Every year people get hurt on the job and need a representative to defend them if an employee isn’t equitable in their treatment and compensation. The attorneys at Johnson and Biscone law firm specialize in  worker’s comp in Oklahoma City , handling any case involving injuries at a job site.

An employee doesn’t have to work in a dangerous industry to get injured on the job. Job related injuries occur all the time. Job related injuries certainly occur more often to those who work in dangerous occupations. For example, in oilfields, working pipelines, gas workers and contractors. Injuries also occur to those who work in relatively safe occupations. For example, sitting behind a desk in an office during the day. Well, statistics show that some injuries seem to happen more frequently than others.

Taking a closer look at the most common injuries at work for 2013, here are the results:

Researchers discovered that one of the most prevalent on-the-job injuries occurs to the back. Back injuries happen because of simple actions or strains. For example, lifting a heavy object, twisting in an odd way, sitting for long sessions at a desk, or even bending awkwardly. The fact is that almost every worker has suffered some type of back injury. Some cases are minor, while others are life altering.

Slip-and-fall injuries top the list at number two. Employees might slip on the job and face a serious injury. The slip-and-fall might lead to leg injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, head injuries and more. Obviously, the employer is at fault. The employer is legally obligated to make sure that workers are in a safe environment.

Repetitive injuries are becoming more prevalent on the job. These injuries occur among workers who repeat the same movements for several hours during the day. Surprisingly, this happens frequently to those behind a computer and those who work with industrial machinery.

Car injuries also were some of the most common-on-the-job injuries in 2013. Car injuries usually occur in situations where the worker drives a company vehicle daily or their own vehicle while they are on the job.

Machine injuries also topped the list in 2013. People working with heavy machinery reported injuries that caused back injuries, slip-and-fall, and more.

In most situations, employers are equitable in their resolution of accidents and injuries. However, for a situation that an employee is not receiving proper care, a workers’ comp attorney may be needed.

The attorneys at  Johnson and Biscone  in Oklahoma City provide free, first-time consultations and represent numerous clients across Oklahoma in workers’ comp cases. The attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and prepared to defend any client.

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