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Oklahoma Heart Hospital Receives Center of Distinction Award


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2016 -- The Oklahoma Heart Hospital Wound Center recently received the prestigious Distinction Award from the Healogics network because of its high patient satisfaction scores as well as its extraordinary would-healing rate. The OHH Wound Center was first opened in January 2015, and it is a member of the Healogics network, which is the largest provider of advanced wound services in the country. This specialized clinic run by Oklahoma Heart Hospital offers advanced therapies to patients who are suffering from chronic wounds or wounds that are especially difficult to treat.

There are six different exam rooms and two hyperbaric chambers in the OHH Wound Center that treat specific types of wounds that do not respond well to other treatment methods. The average amount of time it takes for wounds to heal at this clinic is around 27 days. The doctors and clinic staff at the wound center are responsible for treating a number of different conditions, including foot and leg ulcers as well as acute burns, acute crash injuries, chronic wounds, and wounds caused by autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Elaine Soter, a certified wound specialist and medical director of the OHH Wound Center in Oklahoma City, stated that the staff at this center evaluates the overall health of all patients and whether other illnesses or conditions could possibly affect their ability to heal quickly. Soter also said that an aggressive treatment plan is put together for all patients that come to the Wound Center so they can ensure fast and easy healing. The staff at this wound center are accustomed to treating a variety of conditions, ranging from crush injuries to chronic wounds. Some of the best medical staff in the state works at this center, which is why it was given the Distinction Award in the first place.

Oklahoma Heart Hospital has a long reputation for being one of the premier healthcare facilities in the country, having treated countless patients over the years since it opened its doors. This hospital's wound treatment center is just one of the latest innovations and developments that has gained wide recognition. Despite the fact that this wound center has not been open for very long, they have managed to achieve amazing things with regards to patient healing time. Compared to that of other healthcare facilities, this one has accomplished some very impressive things in the short time it has been around.

About The Oklahoma Heart Hospital
The Oklahoma Heart Hospital is a physician-owned hospital and was designed by cardiologists to bring exceptional care directly to those who need it the most. OHH is the first of its kind in Oklahoma and the first all-digital hospital in the United States. OHH has two locations in Oklahoma City, along with a network of more than 70 cardiovascular specialists at more than 60 clinic and hospital locations across the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Heart Hospital
Address: 5200 Interstate 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73135
Phone: (405) 608-3304