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Oklahoma Insulation Company Delivers High-Grade Foam Insulation to the Midwest


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- R-value, with respect to insulation, is a means of measuring its ability to resist heat which travels through it. The higher the R-value is, the more thermally efficient the insulation is. Lots of companies and contractors that install insulation have started to use spray foam insulation, precisely because it has an R-value of 6.0 per inch. There are lots of different implications of a high R-value when it comes to insulating a home, including:

- Thermal Resistance: Because spray foam insulation has such a high R-value, it is exceptionally good when it comes to thermal resistance, meaning that it can keep the elements outside from coming in. The whole point of insulation is climate control, and spray foam is extremely efficient at this.

- Consistency: Spray foam insulation is much more consistent in the way it is distributed throughout a home or building, unlike fiberglass or other types which are nowhere near as consistent. Spray foam makes for an effective, consistent thermal barrier which resists the transfer of heat.

- Air and Moisture Infiltration: The high R-value of spray foam is also what makes it good at preventing air and moisture infiltration, which can lead to a number of undesirable problems that homeowners will not want to deal with.

- Structural Stability: Another great thing about spray foam insulation with regards to its R-value is that it actually increases the structural stability of a home or building, as well as preventing duct losses and less radiant heat transfer.

Those who want to conserve as much energy as possible in their home or commercial building will certainly want to consider choosing spray foam over fiberglass or another type. When it comes to getting the best  Oklahoma foam insulation  for your home or building,  Kool Foam LLC  is one of the bigger and better names when it comes to these installation services. The professionals that work for this company have years of experience installing spray foam insulation and proudly serve the Oklahoma and Southern Kansas areas.

It is important for all homes to be properly insulated for a number of reasons, and spray foam is an option which is beneficial on numerous levels. This type of insulation acts as a sound barrier as well as a way of preventing energy loss, making it one of the more ideal options for those who want to reduce their monthly bills while also reducing the amount of noise in their homes at the same time.

About Kool Foam LLC  
Kool Foam LLC is a major producer and installer of spray foam insulation in Oklahoma. The team provides quality foam insulation at an affordable price that homeowners and business owners can all benefit from. Spray foam insulation is available for both residential and commercial structures. Kool Foam LLC takes pride in saving people money on energy and protecting their structures with top-of-the-line insulation.

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