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Oklahoma Insurance Fraud Services Are Now Offered at Johnson & Biscone


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Recently, a series of devastating tornadoes struck Oklahoma, leaving thousands of destroyed homes and dozens of casualties in their wake. Survivors are now trying to literally pick up the pieces of their former lives and rebuild their homes, neighborhoods and businesses. In many cases, people have turned to their insurance companies for help. While some insurance firms are reputable and are taking good care of their clients, others do not have the best track record and are trying to avoid paying their clients the money they so desperately need.

Johnson & Biscone, an Oklahoma workers compensation attorney firm, understands how upsetting it can be to experience these types of difficulties with an insurance company. In order to help as many Oklahoma residents who were impacted by the recent tornadoes as possible, the firm is now offering Oklahoma insurance fraud services.

“If you or a loved one are having problems with an insurance company following a tornado, flood, or other disaster, you need an attorney on your side – you can bet that the insurance companies have numerous lawyers on their side,” an article on the firm’s website noted, adding that the legal team at Johnson & Biscone will help make sure people get the compensation they deserve after the recent disaster.

“After all, this is what you buy insurance for, and your insurance company has an obligation to take care of your claims.”

People who wish to schedule a free consultation in regards to any possible Oklahoma insurance fraud concerns are welcome to contact Johnson & Biscone for an appointment.

The fact that Johnson & Biscone is now helping victims of the recent disasters in Oklahoma will probably not come as a surprise to the many clients they have helped over the years. Since the day the firm opened for business, the attorneys have worked hard to make sure their clients get fairly compensated. The team of workers’ compensation attorneys have more than seven decades’ worth of combined experience, and have helped people across both Oklahoma and the United States get the money they deserve.

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