No-Work Spanish

Olé! Language Audio-books Snapped up by Midwest Tape

The sweet sound of success. Two years ago, Anne Emerick spoke only English. After developing an innovative new method for teaching Spanish, her audiobooks could now end up on the shelves of prestigious U.S libraries.


Saugerties, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2011 -- It all began with a desire many of us have felt before – to learn a new language. Spanish, to be precise. While there were plenty of learning Spanish resources available, Anne Emerick couldn’t find a program she enjoyed. As a result, she developed her own series of audiobooks that have now been contracted for supply by Midwest Tape.

The outcome of the deal could see Anne’s audiobooks being offered through U.S public libraries – due to Midwest Tape’s extensive supply to such outlets.

The audiobooks – No-Work Spanish, are not your usual ‘listen and repeat’ fare. Anne tells us more in her own words:

“I wanted to learn Spanish, but every learn-Spanish audio series I played was boring. I was getting drowsy every time I listened and with a long commute this was hazardous for my driving. I didn't want to learn another language by studying it. Language is meant to be used to communicate. In the case of No-Work Spanish, the language is being used to tell a story -- one that will hopefully entertain you” Anne explains.

Anne was the first user of her own system. By creating the product as she herself developed her Spanish-speaking skills, Anne was able to re-evaluate and improve upon what she was creating.

The new deal with Midwest Tape is a milestone for the audio-books:

“Of course, I am delighted to have such a great offer from one of the nation’s top suppliers. However, I must bring the focus back to my main point – Spanish is now the primary language in more than 10% of U.S homes, and is going to rise into the future. Therefore, learning Spanish has never been so important. It’s an invaluable life skill.”

Anne’s family and friends are so impressed with the No-Work Spanish concept that they’re urging Anne to consider using the model to teach English to Spanish speakers, as well as to consider expansion to many other languages in the future.

In the meantime, to find out more about the series, and to embark on your own Spanish learning journey, please visit:

About No-Work Spanish
No-Work Spanish is a series of learn Spanish audiobooks designed and developed by Anne Emerick, who, just a few years ago, had no grasp of the language.

No-Work Spanish is a brand-new concept. Each story is read with each sentence said first in English, then in Spanish. You will find your mind connects the English and Spanish, just like you can pause a favorite song and sing the next line, without thinking about it and certainly without making any effort to memorize the words in the song. After a chapter has been read in English and Spanish, it is repeated in Spanish, to reinforce the Spanish version in the listener’s mind.

No-Work Spanish stories are available on CD's or as audio downloads. They vary in length from 50 minutes to about an hour and 45 minutes. Each story has a different reader, so you will become familiar with variations in pronunciation.