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Ola Ingvaldson Announces Continued Support of and Membership in Save the Children


Stockholm, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- Ola Ingvaldson is pleased to announce his membership in the international organization known as "Save the Children" and his continued support for its works around the globe.

Ola Ingvaldson hopes that his public support of Save the Children International will bring more awareness to the work the organization does for children around the planet. He has supported Save the Children for years now and is proud to have done so. In fact, Ingvaldson has been a member for that entire time. He is happy that Sweden has its own office for Save the Children as he has been able to be a more active member than people who do not have direct access to the organization. He donates his time when he can for whatever uses they may need of him and he also supports Save the Children through financial donations when he can as well.

Save the Children is an organization dating back to 1919 where it was founded in the United Kingdom. Since then, it has grown immensely to an international collection of 28 national branches whose goal is to alleviate the suffering of children around the globe. Part of their creed and direct goals come from the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which was gradually implemented since the beginning of the United Nations in 1948.

Save the Children relies on individual donors, corporate donations, and other sources of income to do its beneficial work. Ola Ingvaldson supports the organization because of its intense focus on improving the lives of children. Save the Children International focuses on improving education and access to education in many countries where it is desperately needed. The organization also supports programs aimed at eradicating malnutrition in children around the globe. In addition to this, Save the Children also trains and employs individuals to help emergency-struck areas better handle recovery and rebuilding. This is important since many times, children are the ones to suffer the most in during disasters.

Ola Ingvaldson currently lives in Sweden where he enjoys staying fit and improving his professional career. He has degrees from University of Lund and the Lund Institute of Technology as well as courses from other prestigious universities like Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania. He has worked in over 25 countries in fields as various as cell phone development to computer programming consulting and commercial real estate management. In the near future, he hopes to create and grow a wine importing business in Sweden. For questions or comments, please contact NAMETBD at (888) 675-1245.

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