Old and Disabled Tourism Growing in Turkey

Favorable treatment facilities are attracting old and disabled tourists in the country, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- According to a new research report by RNCOS, “Turkey Medical Tourism Outlook 2017”, Turkey has been witnessing an increasing inflow of aging medical tourists from Europe over the past few years. Turkey has become a favorable destination for old and disabled medical tourists, with a rapid development of rehabilitation centers, retirement homes and other disable-friendly communities in the country. Elderly and disabled people have been flocking the country for cure and rehabilitation purposes.

According to the report, several factors have propounded the growth of old and disabled tourism in the country. Factors which have played a major role in attracting old and disabled tourism are setting up of various medical guest houses and old people treatment centers in the country to cater to the requirements of this segment. The old people treatment centers provide care services for old people who need diagnostics, treatments, and to those who are recovering from certain diseases. Additionally, these centers provide various services, like ambulatory and rehabilitation services, to people staying there as they are connected to hospitals. All these services and facilities have helped Turkey to build a favorable reputation among the old and disabled medical tourists from across the globe.

Further, the report by RNCOS, “Turkey Medical Tourism Outlook 2017”, gives a detailed overview of the medical tourism scenario in the country. It has provided an in depth analysis of the emerging healthcare segments in Turkey. Besides, as cost is one of the prime factors for success of Turkey’s medical tourism industry, our report have compared the cost of major treatments in Turkey with respect to the other countries. Moreover, major trends and industry drivers are also been discussed in the report to gain a complete understanding of the industry. Additionally, profiling of the major players has been covered with a focus on their recent developments, which are expected to put the medical tourism industry in Turkey on a growth trajectory in the coming years.

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