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Old Cleveland Theater Could Reopen as Teen Hangout Jacuzzi Land with Help from Investors


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- The idea for the 80’s themed nightclub in the movie Xanadu had a muse and so does the teen hangout project being planned by entrepreneur Joseph Pledger who has started a fundraising campaign to reopen Cleveland’s Center Mayfield Theater and convert it into Jacuzzi Land - a nightclub and play land for teens who want to relax and be noticed.

Pledger remembers one hot summer’s day during his youth watching a neighborhood girl walk out in her bathing suit with her towel slung over her shoulder looking for a place to go for a swim. Like Kira in the movie Xanadu, Pledger had found a muse to help him create an idea to build a place of entertainment for local youth. JacuzziLand is a place where comedy, skits and stage acts will be produced along with fashion shows, beauty pageants, bodybuilding competitions, wrestling tournaments with streaming videos featuring celebrity guests. These videos will be produced by Jacuzzi Land Video Internet Productions. Pledger refers to it as a “constructive alterative to delinquent behavior.”

Along with a variety of entertainment, some of it featuring local youth talent, JacuzzilLand has aspirations to be more than just another venue. Pledger intends to install Jacuzzis onsite – a place for teens to hang and relax. In addition, he says some events will have youth treated like a celebrity with guest lists that have them arrive to be ushered into a dressing room where they receive a script. A changing marquee will feature the current event.

The Center Mayfield Theater may be currently vacant but it already has several existing features that fit in with the theme planned for the proposed night club. “It was renovated by Hollywood Video with permanent columns and rows of now empty television bays which would be used to hold display monitors or mirrors in JacuzziLand for green screen and stage productions,” says Pledger.

Pledger knows his dream requires a talented team. He plans to achieve his dream for this new and unique business idea by contract hiring a producer, counselor, chaperone and escort to meet the needs of a Teen Night Club and Playland. The club intends to form relationships with local boutiques, fitness centers, party bus lines, dance studios, catering eateries, vendors, investors and backers. First, the club needs to raise money to launch the intial stages of the project. The JacuzziLand project on indiegogo.com allows backer to contribute 20 to 500 dollar donations.

About JacuzziLand
JacuzziLand is a proposed teen night club and playland to be built at the Center Mayfield Theater that will feature Jacuzzis, a venue for events and productions centered around entertaining Cleveland youth. For more information, visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reopen-the-center-mayfield-theater-as-jacuzziland