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Old School New Body F4X Method Review : Anti Aging & Fat Burning Program for People over 40

This is the main point which makes Old School New Body program different from every other product of its category.


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- The prevailing misconception that intensive workout routine can help people attain a radiant, younger and fit body has actually made several situations worse, by making the bodies more bulky. Health and fitness experts suggest that light but correct exercise, complimented with a balanced diet, is the best way to a toned, leaned body, and is highly essential in slowing down the aging process. But the fact that markets are already flooded with such products, claiming to provide these benefits, it becomes quite hard of a task for an individual to select the best one.

Old School New Body, however, is a renowned fitness program that provides rapid optimum results and has successfully transformed the bodies of thousands of individuals, based around the world.


Designed by the Steve and Becky Holman, a couple in their mid-50s, Old School New Body is a quality fitness and anti-aging program that is primarily designed for the people above 40 years of age. The entire program is based on the Focus for Exercise System (F4X Workout) and contains effective diet plans that ensures both amazing looks and sound health. Fully tried and tested, F4X Workout is an organized and intensive workout plan that takes an average of 90 minutes per week to get the desired results. The exercises and methods of body movements are easy and can be done at home or gym, as per the user’s preference.

It does not in any way preaches long exercising hours, rather demands the users to wisely choose their appropriate style of workout and sincerely practice them till the completion of the program.

F4X Workout is based on three progressive stages,

1. F4X Lean: It includes a comprehensive F4X Lean Meal Plan and muscle movement techniques, that effectively help in shedding extra weight, and aging signs. After the completion of this phase, users can stop following the program, or can move onto other optional stages.
2. F4X Shape: If the users are interested in building more muscles, this part is for them. It encompasses essential diet plans that will regulate the muscle building process, and burn down calories, even when the body is at rest.
3. F4X Build: It is an advanced phase and clearly the last one. It aims to provide a body-builder look, with rigorous workout methods and heavy diet plans.


The program consists of an Old School New Body eBook, F4X workout guide quick start, ultimate fat burning, muscle building and anti-aging secrets, along with the instructional audios of renowned celebrities and fitness experts.

Old School New Body is scientifically designed by the Holmans to give the users a fit and healthy figure, and to reverse their aging process. It in no way works as a magic pill and requires complete adherence and dedication of the user to enable him to see permanent results in the long-run.