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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2013 -- Old School, New Body advocates a body-shaping system that slows down the aging process and restores natural youth hormones. It revolutionizes the way men and women, especially those over the age of 35, should exercise and lose weight in order to stay healthy as it only requires 90 minutes of weekly workout.

The system, compiled in a simple, easy-to-use handbook by Steve and Becky Holman, throws light on some of the common fitness approaches. It states that the fastest way to firm up, tone, strengthen, and shape the body is through resistance training and not cardio, running, or fad diets. Likewise, it points to the fact that both men and women should work out the same basic protocol but in less time as long workouts speed up aging.

Making an effective turnaround

The Old School New Body system explains that while the body begins aging rapidly by the age of 40 and 90% of people over 35 years old lose muscle to burn off additional 4 pounds body fat each year, there are methods to stop the body’s swift aging even from a cellular level and these begin with five key principles.

To look 10 years younger, people must avoid low-fat diets because fats help the body produce vital hormones such as testosterone for strength, endurance training that speed up aging by increasing free radicals, blaming anything for feeling old but should think positively instead and challenge oneself, and chronic dehydration as water burns fat, helps the liver and kidneys from working overtime, renews the skin, and suppresses hunger.

Finally, people must work out less. The system shows the smart way to exercise which does not involve doing endless cardio sessions and spending an hour daily at the gym. Dubbed the Focus4 Exercise Protocol or F4X Method, it combines four specific exercises that can be done in just minutes and performed by anyone as it was created especially for mature individuals. It is also a good cardiovascular workout yet it only requires 90 minutes per week.

The F4X Method’s highly targeted movements allow shorter workouts but entail hard work. These are safe and deliver efficient and fast results in three phases. The first phase called F4X Lean teaches slight variations in movement style and the meal plan that would enable a person to lose weight.

F4X Shape is the second phase of the protocol where simple changes in the lifting style and nutrition plan can develop added lean muscles that will help burn more calories. In the third phase, referred to as F4X Build, people will develop extra pounds of muscles thru some tweaks to their lifts and diet.

In the F4X Method, a person has complete control over his development and he can stop upon reaching his desired body. What’s left is to maintain that body through an easier protocol.

Getting value for money

Essentially, the Old School New Body system contains the F4X Training Program, nutrition plans for the basic dietary changes that can be done to get results fast, and action steps plus tips from Steve and Becky Holman, all in a handbook that a person can cover in two to three hours to get started.

The complete package is currently available for $27 and comes with complimentary materials such as the F4X Quick Start Workout Guide for those eager to begin the program without having to go over the entire handbook, the Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets for tips on using heat to speed it up or desserts that can help metabolism and more, the Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets for advice on nutrients or fruits to help develop muscle mass plus other tips, the Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets for pointers on increasing sex drive, wrinkle-reduction, hair growth, etc., and the Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets for suggestions to relieve depression and improve moods, among others.

Moreover, the package includes free instructional audio interviews from John Rowle with fat loss expert Tom Venuto who shares how to get the best shape and stay lean, business and beauty guru Kristi Frank who talks about weight loss and building confidence, author of New York Times best seller Body-for-LIFE Bill Phillips who motivates people to live healthier through proper eating and exercise, fitness expert and lifestyle consultant Jennifer Nicole Lee who has inspired people with her over 80 lbs. weight loss success story, and veteran fitness expert Shawn Phillips who advocates living a healthy lifestyle.

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Old School New Body is an effective anti aging and weight loss program consisting of five simple steps including the revolutionary F4X Training program.