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Old School New Body Review - a Trusted Anti-Aging and Fitness Program

Don't buy Old School New Body by Steve and Becky Holman before reading this honest review!


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Old School New Body is the newest youth-enhancing and training program designed to help men and women over the age of 35 (under 35 can use it also, no matter how old a person is) get their bodies back into great shape, reverse the natural aging effects that people’s bodies undergo and making them look up to 10 years younger than they really are.

Old school new body is a youth-enhancing system that can help people regain vitality and strength in only a matter of weeks by following five steps and 3 training Phases” 90 minutes per week protocol”, so people don’t have to give up half their life to the gym to complete the program.

The workouts, the nutrition plans, and the action steps all into one short, simple to read, easy to understand “handbook that people can read and put into action in about 2-3 hours.

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How it works?
Old School New Body focuses on building muscle mass and using the metabolic and dietary system behind each human body to work for the body’s owner which leads to weight loss, larger muscles, and an overall younger look.

The program is based on five simple techniques”5 key principles a person must apply first” and 3 training Phases”90 minutes per week protocol” called Focus4 Exercise Protocol.

These techniques are surprising to most people. In fact most people, who want to stay fit, do exactly the opposite of these techniques, and that is why their efforts fail so often.

Five simple techniques:

The first technique to stop aging and regain a youthful figure: Is to stop eating a low fat diet” fats are an essential nutrient that the body needs for optimum health and low fat diet deprives one’s body of the ability to synthesize the hormones so a person will learn how to get full benefits of fats to invigorate his power hormones that would help make workouts more efficient “.

The second technique: The second technique is incredibly simple, and it just involves drinking more water “To avoid chronic dehydration” it’s very important to drink water not just because it’s good for a person, but because without enough of water, person’s body simply can’t burn fat effectively.

The third technique: The third technique is to stop blaming everything on how old a person is “he will learn how to surround him with positive thinkers who absolutely crave a challenge as a challenge is what keeps him young and Studies have shown that people of any age can gain muscle tone when they do the right exercises”.

The fourth technique: The fourth technique is to stop users regular cardio workout” It may sound crazy, but there are better ways to lose weight and tone their body than a spinning class”.

The fifth technique: The fifth technique is to workout less “the easiest to follow” by going back to good, well planed resistance training (and not hours of useless).

Click here to download Old School New Body Ebook

Old School New Body is neatly condensed in a book that has 3 phases of training (F4X Lean” The initial phase”, the F4X Shape “The second phase”, the F4X Build “The third phase”). The exercise protocol is known as F4X Workout (Focus for Exercise) a well arranged intense work out plan that takes an average of 90 minutes per week to get great results.

Phase 1 F4X Lean
It is the starting point for the entire program”. In this phase, users will understand the basic protocols that include meal and exercise plans which will help them to lose their excess body fat, maintain their ideal weight and build lean muscle through the exercises.
After users have lost extra weight through the initial phase, they can proceed to the second stage.

Phase 2 F4X Shape
It is the second phase which involves a slight change in the workout plan. Users will learn effective steps on how they can gain lean muscles, burn more fat, adjust their workout routines and diet to achieve excellent results and obtain a fit body.

Phase 3 F4X Build
It is the final phase. By using the same diet and work out plans with a slight variation users will learn how they can build additional muscles just like regular body builders do and increase their body’s frame. The workouts may seem more challenging than the ones in the first and seconds phases however; these are all intended to help users maximize the results they can gain from this program.

What’s Special in This Program?
Well, that’s a good question because there are lots of anti-aging programs available, but this one is different as:

-There are no excuses any more as users just need 90 minutes per week to reach results.
-They will not change the way they eat a lot because there are no Low-Fat diets.
-It’s a system designed for men and women and for every age.
-Steve and his wife are guarantees for the success of the program” look how they look!”
-Understanding the facts and myths” When it comes to aging and exercises everyone try to give his opinion and have his own product, But users must know that old school new body is absolutely different. Users will understand everything about exercising and aging step by step and scientifically”.

Is old school new body scam?
old school new body is not a scam because the program tested method of exercise and body movements that can be done by anyone, based on research and secrets Steve Holman compiled over years of working at one of the most respected fitness magazines,
was written by one of the most respected and trusted fitness writers and it isn’t just about burning fat, losing weight, looking younger it’s about a complete diet and lifestyle change forever which lack many products for weight loss.

The specialty about this book is that it is a product of profound and extensive research by Steve and Becky Holman. Their interaction and experience with the fitness experts, athletes, sportsmen and trainers reflect in the quick results that are achieved by the trainees who have undergone training program of Old School New Body. The best part about the book is that it is most competitively priced at $27. It caters to people from teenage to old age. This is a tremendous boost for those in the upper age group who can completely transform themselves and feel younger and fitter and face the upcoming challenges of old age. The tips on diet are like icing on the cake and complements well with the hard workout designed for the trainees in different phases. So waste no more time and grab this fantastic piece of art and transform within no time.

Click here to download Old School New Body Ebook