Old School New Body Review: Steve and Becky Holman's Revolutionary Workout Program

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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Old School New Body is largely based upon secrets and techniques Steve Holman gathered during several years of working at the most respectable fitness magazine.It’s specifically and also uniquely designed to help you reverse the outcomes of aging.These methods for youth-enhancing fitness and weight-loss are very difficult to find. It includes the workout routines, the diet plans, as well as the action steps in one short, easy to read, easy to understand guide you can read and put into action within 2-3 hours.

Steve names his training program as The F4X Protocol or The Focus4 Exercise Protocol. It is a 90 minutes per week protocol to work especially for the older person.

Old School New Body Review

The Old School New Body program has 3 phases :

F4X Lean – With the F4X LEAN Workout you’ll exercise 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with 4 basic exercises per workout. This few important moves is going to train all your major muscles : Squats , Incline presses or flat-bench presses or pushups ,Bent-over rows and Dumbbell upright rows

F4X Shape – With this you will stll train 3 days / week, but these are not full body workouts. People will train simple muscles at every workout, but not directly, and they`ll use different exercises

F4X Build – here you will find a series of exercises

After reading the Old School New Body Ebook you will :

Wake up energized before the alarm ever goes off

Rarely if ever be limited by typical “age-related” aches and pains

Radically alter the shape, tone, and body fat you currently have

Drop ALL the weight you desire in only 90 minutes per week

Stop the “insanity” programs that AGE YOU FASTER and start eating and moving in a way that’s proven to defy the aging process

The good thing about this method is it’s simplicity. Since this is an in depth Old School New Body Review, you can probably state that the ebook will be worth every single cent. It will work for everyone. For those who have tried out similar fitness plans but aren’t satisfied, this time you’re going to get what you look for.

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