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Steve and Becky Holman's Old School New Body Review - F4X Training


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Old School New Body” is a program developed by Steve and Becky that uses old methods that are easy to follow and effective that helps a person stay in shape and look young by slowing down the aging process of a human body. And all of this is achieved without those expensive facial creams or those tricks of eggs and yogurt that costs a person a lot. This is a very compact program designed precisely to reverse the effects of aging by following simple things mentioned in the book.

Gone are the times of excruciating exercises that last all day long. In a world where everyone is so busy, nobody has time to exercise at least three hours for a perfect body. People want something that is comprehensive, short termed and the results are everlasting.

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This program requires only 90 minutes of a person’s WEEK but with complete dedication towards the program. And he has to practice all this for just 90 days. This is totally worth the end results a person will get after following this handbook. Nobody, who has used this book, has ever regretted following it. It is more effective than gym exercises as long-lasting workouts have results that don’t last much longer but with this program, results will last much much longer than gym results.

The secret weapon that makes this book so effective in such a small price is the F4X Method. This method is for people of all ages from young people to people in their 70s. The F4X Method uses 3 phases to pull out the hidden beauty and fitness in a person. The first phase is the “Lean” phase. This method allows a person to lose as many pounds of weight he wants and it doesn’t require running miles and miles for hours on a treadmill until he faints.

Click Here to Download Old School New Body Ebook by Steve and Becky Holman

The phase won’t take 6 hours a day to do that but it has those astonishing meal plans and slight lifting variations that let people lose weight and this is just the beginning of the program. The next phase is the “Shape” phase. When a person has lost all the weight he desired to lose, he should then proceed to the shape phase that puts up a bit more muscle on the body. No one like a body with bones coming out of everywhere so here comes this phase that puts up a bit of flesh on the bones to shape a body perfectly.

The third and final phase is the “Build” phase for people who want to look like a bodybuilder but not the one who’s on steroids. This phase lets a person put on some real muscles making a person strong just by slight changes in meal plans and slight variations in movement style. This is the best fitness and weight loss program out in market. It not only lets a person lose weight but also increase skin tone, build up muscle and look up to ten years younger than his actual age.

Old School New Body is an effective anti aging and weight loss program consisting of five simple steps including the revolutionary F4X Training program.