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Older Women Spend Up to 10 Hours Per Day Sedentary

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Despite numerous studies and reports that physical activity plays an important role in staying healthy, it’s been recently discovered that older women spend up to two-thirds of their daytime being sedentary.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health conducted the study on over 7,000 women with an average age of 71. The women were aced to wear an accelerometer for seven days while they were awake, and researchers discovered that the women spent 65 percent of the day sedentary as opposed to being active. It was noted that as age and BMI increased so did sedentary time, but the sedentary periods were also in shorter durations. 31.5 of total sedentary time lasted approximately 30 minutes or less.

Though recent studies have shown that sedentary behavior does pose health risks, it’s unclear yet whether lack of physical activity in these short bursts is adverse when compared to longer periods of inactivity. While this is unclear, researchers say it’s important to note these inactive periods in order to help determine how much activity is required during the day – and in what types of duration – to find out how much a person needs to improve their overall health.

Despite being sedentary for a majority of their lives, beginning exercise at any period has numerous positive effects on a person’s health. It’s been suggested by other studies that engaging in at least 150 minutes of activity per week can help prevent and treat dementia related conditions in addition to improving cardiovascular function. Hopefully, using information from these studies with the information gathered in the study regarding sedentary activity, researchers can come up with a recommended target for both physical activity, and a preventative guideline for how long a person can remain sedentary during the day without adversely affecting their health.

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