OLED Lighting Materials Market Forecast 2013

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- This is NanoMarkets latest report on the commercial development of materials used in OLED lighting applications. In the report, we review the key technical and commercial developments of the past year and provide granular, eight-year volume and revenue forecasts for this business. Forecasts are provided for all key materials in the OLED stack – substrates, electrodes, emitters and hosts, hole and electron transport/injection/blocking materials, and encapsulation materials.

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Pioneering OLED firms are poised to move beyond luxury luminaires and designer kits over the next few years and into larger, general illumination applications like office lighting. These pioneering firms will shape which materials will be used. NanoMarkets therefore believes that now is the time for its clients to become better acquainted with opportunities emerging from this important sector:

- OLED lighting will eventually emerge as the largest addressable market for OLED materials, but only if advances in materials can help to close several remaining technology gaps related to improved OLED lighting efficiency, lifetime, and total cost of ownership. Thus, this report is an essential guide for materials and specialty chemical firms seeking to gain a competitive edge for their OLED materials in this emerging market. This report provides insight into the developing opportunities, paying special attention to the opportunities for OLED lighting materials that will develop over the next 18 months or so.

- OLED lighting panel manufacturers will learn from this report how recent leaps forward in encapsulation technology are enabling new markets for OLED lighting, such as larger lighting panels for office illlumination. Among the important issues that this report discusses are the continued importance of a move toward all-phosphorescent OLED stacks and the potential for solution processing to help reduce costs.

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In addition to above analysis, this definitive report on the markets for OLED lighting materials also names the winners and losers in this market and examines the product development and marketing strategies of major players in the OLED encapsulation sector, from large multinationals like DuPont Displays and Merck to specialty firms like UDC and Cambrios

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