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Oleophobic Coatings Market Intelligence with Competitive Landscape 2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2018 -- Oleophobic coating refers to materials with zero affinity to oil. They are oil-repellent materials. These coatings quickly shed off the oil from their surface. Oleophobic coating is inspired and supported by the development of nanotechnology. The technology creates and modifies materials at the nano-level. Therefore, oleophobic coatings form oil repelling layers of nano-scale thickness on various kinds of substrates. The coatings are ideal for preventing fingerprints on smart device displays. However, the coatings are also suitable for a range of other applications that are impervious to dirt, dust, sticky substance, and other particulates, subsequently offering a substrate that is easy-to-clean and maintains a clean surface for extended period than untreated glass.

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Oleophobic coatings find major application in the electronics segment. The coating helps repel much of the natural oil from the finger when touching the screen of any electronic device. Apple was the first one to introduce an oleophobic screen on its 3G S iPhone. Currently, these coatings are been being applied on most of the smartphones and laptops available on the market. Consumer electronics hold the major share of the oleophobic coatings market, and the share is anticipated to rise even more in the coming years. In electronic devices, oleophobic coatings are employed for optical device such as touch screens and displays in electronic devices. Oleophobic coatings are applied on LCD and projection displays as well as on video optical components. These coatings self-clean themselves from contamination by greasy smudges, fingerprints, and other natural oils that are difficult to remove, and which significantly deteriorate the appearance and view. Oleophobic coatings are also used in encapsulation of oxygen and moisture sensitive electronics, such as organic light emitting devices, quantum dot films, photovoltaic cells, and flexible electronics. The coatings are also been being used employed in printed circuit boards and semiconductor packaging. The demand for oleophobic coatings in the electronic devices market is observed to be increasing year-on-year, as along with being oil repellent, the product is also scratch- resistant and keeps the glass scratch proof on which it is applied. The oleophobic layer has a slightly slippery feel to it, which makes the gadgets feel slick to the touch. This helps the glass to be more scratch resistant, as a reduced friction causes dangerous materials to slide off the surface, rather than damaging damage it.

In terms of region, North America holds the major share of the oleophobic coatings market followed by Europe. Demand for oleophobic coatings is higher in North America and Europe due to advancements in technologies, developed industries, and high demand for electronic devices. Asia Pacific is observed to be a rapidly expanding market for oleophobic coatings due to rising demand for electronic devices in the region. Demand is observed to be increasing in the electronics market in the region. The electronics market is expanding rapidly in developing countries such as China and India. Large number of oleophobic coatings suppliers are present in China and India. China is expected to be one of the major consumer for oleophobic coatings for electronic devices over the coming years, owing to it high growth in electronics industry. Demand for oleophobic coatings in Latin America and Middle East & Africa is observed to be moderate over the coming years.

Key manufacturers of oleophobic coatings across the globe include Aculon Inc., Artekya Ltd. Co., Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc., Cytonix, LLC, Armorix Inc., and Ultratech International Inc.

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