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Olide Chinen Tech Launches Sliding Door Opener

Offers smart solution to users


Shaoxin, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2014 -- Olide Chinen Tech has unveiled its Sliding Door Opener for various types of users who can make the most out of it.

Sliding doors have become quite popular in recent times and they are often used by stores for their outside doors. There are big retail companies that rely on these doors for their work and store premises as well. Sliding Door Opener is what is needed to open the door automatically, wait and then close it as well. Thus they offer a great deal of convenience to commercial premise owners.

Now Olide Chinen Tech has offered a wide range of these openers that business owners can choose form based on their requirements. But before opting for them one has to understand that there are different types of these door openers available today. Single sliding, bi-parting or telescopic configurations are quite common amongst sliding doors and the choice has to be made accordingly.

Olide Automatic Sliding Door Opener not only offers good quality to buyers but it also offers them versatility. The company has brought out different types of door openers that users can choose from. For example, there is the Telescopic sliding door operator, which makes sense when one wants to install emergency exits. It can be a smart way for users to get around security issues and accident scenarios.

Power Access Door Openers also have their advantages, especially when users are looking to make their exit doors automatic and thus completely convenient for use. Electric door openers are very different from other systems that are being used for outside doors. These door openers also have several features that one needs to be acquainted with before getting them installed.

The company offers useful information about different types of door openers including the motorized systems that can be used both inside and outside homes or stores. Here one doesn’t have to use hands to open the door and the job can be done with a remote control or an access keypad.

Olide Automatic Sliding Door Opener have fully monitored battery backup, which makes sure that the doors open in case of power failures or fire alarm activation.

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